Domestic abuse who meet embarrassing: nanjing li’s upcoming speech against protests to scenes of chaos (FIG.)

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modern express reporter Li Shaofu taken

& other; Please stand up and take the book head, follow me to read & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; During the speech, to interact with the audience, li Yang launch everyone read aloud English together. Can read the end, when he announced that everyone sat down, a few the audience did not sit down, they held against domestic violence at the hands of the big brands, in the face of podium li Yang began to protest. Yesterday morning, the founder of crazy English liyang speech, embarrassed, after the protesters was staff advised from.

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passion li’s upcoming speech by domestic abuse is the protest against

around 2 o ‘clock yesterday afternoon, many parents take their children to nanjing palace hall. After half an hour, the founder of crazy English li Yang will be held in the hall in a speech to learn English. Can accommodate nearly one thousand people in the synagogue were quickly.

, at about 2:30 host speech staff after some time, to mobilize the atmosphere stage lights flashing, li Yang, the cheers from the audience. For more than half an hour after the speech, in order to mobilize the audience participation, and the scene audience, a professor at some English reading skills, he let the scene audience raised after issuing information, followed him to read aloud together. When all the data in accordance with the requirements, after reading over the head, li Yang let everybody sat down. Most people sit down, can be in the middle of the audience a few young people are still standing, holding a sign, and one sign & other; Li Yang & throughout; Two red big word especially eye-catching, next to another sign & other; Li Yang English skill to learn domestic abuse the pain of hard & throughout; The slogan.

in September last year, li Yang shi home to his wife sent shock waves through the, exposed to the network.

passion float in the sky of li Yang, on the stage immediately found several abnormal behavior of the audience, after his first one leng, soon to react, changed the previous methods are facing the audience’s speech, started to the side to the audience, and was walking back and forth on the podium, the appearance of a calm, brushed aside the protesters. Domestic abuse protesters against the move soon attracted the attention of the audience, you are looking from podium li Yang to the protesters, some people also took out his mobile phone photo. Part found signs of parents began to whisper, the mood some embarrassment.

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domestic abuse, the sign was confiscated

the protesters manners soon be staff found near the platform, they’ll immediately go to the front several protesters, ask them to put down the protest sign after fruitless, several workers were confiscated their brand, and asked them to leave the hall immediately. Several protesters are reluctant to leave, the staff to pull them out of the synagogue, and confiscated their protests, cast aside after the break.

at the door of the hall, several wear & other; Crazy English & throughout; Promotional clothing staff also said the protesters slow-witted, disrupt their activities of the organization. & other; You can to against domestic violence, go home to your family carrying this brand is good, don’t come here to rock the boat. Throughout the &; A female staff member, said the protesters go looking for trouble.

in the auditorium before the public protests, has been quietly began handing out leaflets. Leaflets is to use white paper printed with li Yang wife Kim suffered domestic violence. At that time, the meeting is circulated about Li Yanggu spamming leaflets, then part of the leaflets were workers in Australia. In order to prevent spread of leaflets, at the entrance to the halls of several staff every time it sees an audience with a leaflet, will be required after throw away or give them in the past, are allowed to get in.

organized the activities of the researchers found that after someone hair similar leaflets, forward from theory, and the two sides also almost literally, be kindly advised live audience. Later, people do not know the distributing leaflets, only when the synagogue in protest, they have only known latency to the synagogue.