Dongguan litchi product auction 2000 yuan a kilo of only 30 pounds (FIG.)

this is 2000 yuan a catty of ice li

the yangcheng evening news reporter to dongguan photojournalism: the reporter understands 26, li village, houjie town, dongguan city, cultivate new varieties of ice, 1 catty sells for 2000 yuan, the price for many citizens big sigh & other; Litchi to eat too & throughout; . It is reported, this kind of new varieties of litchi production this year is only 30 jins, have been sold to a Taiwanese boss.

it is understood that this expensive ice li by town uchiyama k farmers grow, houjie town, dongguan city, head a little smaller than glutinous rice Ci, color more red, and looks more beautiful. Because of low production appeared in the form of an auction clinchs a deal this year, the high price at 2000 yuan a kilo.

uchiyama k was President of litchi cooperatives, houjie town, is a local famous & other; The king of fruit & throughout; Chenggang, the ice is he took six years to cultivate, listed in 2011 for the first time, will sell for 500 yuan a kilo. Prompt uchiyama k effort to cultivate new varieties from 2005, the litchi harvest after a year, prices have plunged to 8 a jin MAO. & other; Basic in vain, after deducting the cost of a year of hard so cheap couldn’t continue throughout the &; , uchiyama k, according to which he made up his mind to cultivate new varieties, and have the brand awareness in the subsequent business.

a miss Yang live in houjie, both husband and wife income over ten thousand yuan. Ice li just came out last year, when she didn’t think it’s too expensive to buy, in this year, she specifically want to buy a taste, price and turned over several times. & other; 2000 yuan a catty, even are sold on the market does not consider & throughout; .

the price is too high people hard to accept, uchiyama k, said li is targeted on the high consumption of ice, the varieties of 3 tree only married this year 30 jins, ten times the ordinary varieties yield is ice li.