Don’t agree with son do anime hayao miyazaki For a cow had become strangers

local time on August 9th evening at half past seven, Japan’s NHK integrated channel broadcast a documentary about hayao miyazaki and his son, and called the bloom of slope>

Background of

new conference Lao tze scold son

corn poppy bloom of slope is goro, director of the second work, as the film’s screenwriter hayao miyazaki and planning. Many held earlier this month, the movie in yokohama, kanagawa prefecture. According to Japanese media reports, the same day, after the film’s press conference. Hayao miyazaki, originally also said with a smile to play too late, I am very sorry, and then start working behind the scenes are introduced to the media personnel, in the introduction a responsible for checking the staff of the animation, he suddenly suddenly turn hostile, accuse the animated staff did not carefully check the details. Originally, hayao miyazaki think down the steps to the person in the film were painted when the knee problem, & other; Even the audience see holes & throughout; ! Then he will be furious mood quickly turned to his son, and called the director also has the responsibility, & other; Animation level so down. Throughout the &; Hayao miyazaki sudden rage, let the scene in an awkward situation, everyone at a loss, the presence of a voice actor turned white and even. Mess goro, had to publicly apologize: & other; This is all my fault & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

don’t communicate with each other in the film alluding to

hayao miyazaki in public about his son so viciously, attracted a lot of talk, but this is not their embarrassed publicly for the first time in public relations.

with & other; Hayao miyazaki son & throughout; Halo, goro miyazaki wanted to do something in the anime, seems to be a doddle. But, in fact, hayao miyazaki is a very strict father, goro, has long been under great pressure.

in goro, directed the first film’s release, in naval warfare, he encountered a lot of critics. Critics believe that’s ultimately in naval warfare, can obtain good box office, because from my father set & other; Miyazaki’s animation brand ghibli & throughout; , but its quality & other; Can’t let a person feel miyazaki’s animation always bright, healthy, childlike innocence and the desire to do better, that kind of quality, lack of miyazaki’s animation from the attraction of the rich detail. Throughout the &; Even someone laugh at my lang, said he is hayao miyazaki’s & other; Son & throughout; .

but goro also has said, as the son of hayao miyazaki, what all don’t lack, lack of father love. In China in 2006, goro, Taiwan into the propaganda to naval ji once said: & other; Dad at work like a demon, he in order to busy work often not at home, let my mother mother harder than normal, is a zero of a father. Throughout the &;

although communication in real life, but the father and son have chosen to use his work to release the emotion. Son in 2006’s “the stages in naval warfare,” in the beginning, goro miyazaki uneasily, arranged the hero Germany arren, prince of Allah to assassinate the king and to plunder their swords cruel scene, makes people wonder if this is a symbol of the goro, his relationship with his father. Father directed in 2008 “the goldfish kyi cliff” once is also considered to son make up the work of hayao miyazaki. Hayao miyazaki has also suggested that, in the hope that through the reflection, improve rival stalemate between father and son. Toshio producer, revealed that in the age of five actor & other; Sosuke & throughout; Is goro miyazaki, is based on the character as a child, think parent-child relationships, hayao miyazaki originally because his son at the age of 5 & other A lack of company & throughout; .

was nearly two years not to talk become strangers

the evening of August 9th, Japan’s NHK integrated channel broadcast a documentary on the father and son, and called the bloom of slope>

from about the cartoon character & other; Sea & throughout; The character set, father and son debate but to use & other War & throughout; The word, never more appropriate word. The reach of hayao miyazaki creative enthusiasm no reduction, son goro, but also glass, never compromise. Goro, said that since their father chose this one and the same road, it must be take out and father. He would never willingly do what only the shadow of his father.

is not in favor of the son into the hayao miyazaki animation world. Goro miyazaki animation film for the first time the chance is very accidental, because before the director give up temporarily, producer toshio suzuki to retain goro, try. But he thinks, it is & other; Screw & throughout; . He announced that he not export, not hand, not out of the eye. While the naval battles, has obtained the good box office, but in the eyes of hayao miyazaki, it isn’t worth mentioning.

it lead to two people’s congress noisy, nearly two years without a word, goro, said: & other; Call until mother want me to go home for dinner, I was talking with my father. Throughout the &; According to the staff, then the relationship between the two people to bad & other; Their office in studio ghibli are less than 20 meters apart, but never find each other, even at a distance to see each other, will deliberately a detour to avoid the other. Throughout the &;

with the father and son fellowship hayao miyazaki toshio suzuki have explained to the outside world for many years: & other; Hayao miyazaki is afraid son on the road, too hard. Throughout the &; Hayao miyazaki had privately, it is said, speak so moving to toshio suzuki, & other; I do die it doesn’t matter, but don’t let my son as a director. Because as long as a day when the director, regardless of your work is success or failure, for the rest of your life will follow you! Throughout the &; There are, of course, is because you know that the hard, hayao miyazaki selection and son cooperation only once.

in the process of cooperation of 300 days, through countless quarrels and confrontation, hayao miyazaki has always been the invisible expression white beard old man, only at the end of the film preview, did he smile for 3 seconds.

stories reveal

Psychologist view

hayao miyazaki parent-child conflicts, recognition is the key

and the contradiction between the son goro miyazaki hayao miyazaki, not the exception. Once zhang guoli zhang mo father and son, Patrick tse tse and his son have have a problem. In real life, there are many similar parent-child relationships. Stern father and unable to express himself on one side, on the other side is shrouded in the son of father’s shadow and under pressure, is not no love between them, why it is so difficult to appear communication barriers, and how to solve it? Chengdu commercial daily reporter interviewed famous psychology expert wen-bo zhu on this issue.

wen-bo zhu analysis said: & other; This is a & lsquo; Image expect & rsquo; The problem. But some image of the father is kind, some image of father is awesome, some father image is indifference. Some father just sow, regardless of culture. And every child will give their father father compared with their peers, in the process of comparison, different father figure may make gap is produced. In addition, the father and the two sides may disagree with each other, this kind of don’t agree with, have values, there are also many other aspects, thus can derive a lot of conflict. Again, compared with a mother’s love, father is a more deep love, in the aspect of expressing might take more implicative and a roundabout way. Throughout the &;

according to the relationships of hayao miyazaki, wen-bo zhu said: & other; This kind of emotional disorders between father and son are perfectly normal, as long as there are different from person to person there will be conflicts. When you look, this kind of thing happen all the time in my side, you this parent-child conflict is a common another expression of emotion. Through them we see ourselves, change ourselves, they were but ACTS as a reference. Throughout the &;

as for the father and son how to solve the problem, wen-bo zhu said: & other; Can not be solved all the problems can be. Throughout the &; But he said the key to solve the problem is that & other; Identity & throughout; : & other; First of all is to make both sides are willing to take responsibility for each other, have a change of position, willingness and motivation is likely to change. That is to say, this is a kind of & lsquo; Role expectation & rsquo; , both sides are looking forward to your role, father is willing to be a good father, son willing to take responsibility. First of all to get the identity of both sides, we will have motivation, the motivation, the more strong, change the better opportunities and the quality will be. Throughout the &;