“Doraemon” live-action: let Renault doraemon see cats all heart

the graph is: live-action children and adult small balls

the graph is: live-action “sailor moon”

a few days ago, a famous cartoon magazine “cartoon king” editor-in-chief Zhu Hongqi claimed that consider black such classic cartoon image comes one version. The comments, only end up black line on the ground. Actually, live-action isn’t new, this year is live-action & other; Ikkyu elder brother & throughout; First broadcast in Japan, the classic “dragon ball” was spread to the news come true one version of the film again. Prior to that, “sailor moon”, “detective conan”, Chibi Maruko Chan a classic Japanese anime, are based on true person, controversial and attention, formed three yuan for secondary counter attack.

view, the domestic animation is unwilling also lonely, want to take a trip to lift, however, is take the right bus here? Anime series for the audience, is aroused old memories, or destroy his childhood?


how so like a crayon small new?

ikkyu elder brother is an example to our childhood, always big eyes flashing the light of wisdom. & other; Ikkyu elder brother & throughout; Live-action starring Japanese child stars fu, a pair of slanted eyes for a rest & other; The window to the soul & throughout; Half off. Some netizens proposal: & other; So bright eye brows, can to do a crayon small new. Throughout the &; Star is Lin LAN play the role of small leaves are recognised, failed and a smile is considered & other; ‘beyond the original & throughout; .

detective conan

conan false myopia, you are a true myopia!

live-action & other; Conan & throughout; Is definitely a pop idol, fashionable young girl of shun oguri plays kudo new one. But netizens think he deduce zombie, & other; Conan is false myopia, you is the true myopia! Throughout the &; More let a person speechless, play xiaolan black chuan wisdom is not tall, baby fat, character is not like the original willfulness is tenacious, glue is too weak, by netizens batch for & other; Where this is xiao LAN, is clearly dissatisfied housewife! Throughout the &;


see cat heart shattered

a Japanese brand advertising broadcast in 2011, was past sixty, hair and beard are white let & middot; Uncle, hard to make out his vast body from the drawer, blue suit and red tail and neck hung small bells, causeway in mouth burn, doraemon he is! & ndash; & ndash; See this scene, you must Hold! Orange days play wild than fukuda also & other; No energy, as if have been throughout the harsh reality down &; . Some netizens jokingly said, & throughout; Even the cat’s heart is broken. Throughout the &;

Chibi Maruko Chan

why make small balls grow up? !

Japanese Fuji television station from 2005 to 2007 in Chibi Maruko Chan series edition has quite well, but after the launch of the “homecoming” in 20 years time, the plot is set to the small balls and the story of students grow up, although play the adult small meatball ueno popular in the tree, but the fans will not be able to accept: & other; It always confused with meatballs and lovely, why let her grow up cruelly. Throughout the &;

“sailor moon”

we want to represent the moon destroy you!

the dark black cloak, wearing an eye mask in run & ndash; & ndash; Strange man plum? No, it’s water ice and evening dress mask, just hair is false, the sailor suit is very cheap, water ice month of cartwheel, the autho, three weeks after the autho after three and a half weeks back flip & hellip; & hellip; Don’t doubt, you are not watching the gymnastics competition, this is reality version of “sailor moon”. The Japanese side in order to shoot the show, also Ceng Haixuan leading lady, but regardless of appearance or shape, let a person disillusionment. Many netizens with one voice shout: & other; We want to represent the moon destroy you! Throughout the &;

industry reading: three yuan counter attack, our strong is king

although controversial, but anime series boom is still growing, whether we love nostalgia, or don’t really have something new to look at? , hubei animation co., LTD., deputy general manager, bosom friend of diffuse guest & middot; novel draw executive editor Yang Yan analysis, anime adaptation does provide a stunt, but the popularity of key to see the quality of the film and television work itself.

Yang Yan said: anime series is not new, “spider-man”, “transformers” series, the Hong Kong film series, Taiwan idol drama “meteor garden”, etc., are based on comic book. General said change is good or bad, is not science, is the key to adaptation of the film and television works, can still impress the audience. & other; Such as “transformers” movie plot, characters of original anime adaptation is very big, but it can gain recognition. From the plot, characters, to the special effects, because the film effect is very good. When it comes to domestic, famous cartoonist lisa comics adapted into black and white film “three hair huckleberry Finn”, according to the Hong Kong movie cartoonist ma wing-shing creation the stormriders, nice work is here. Throughout the &;

about “black” series, Yang Yan also have some Suggestions: & other; There is no doubt that the “black” is a typical children’s cartoon, the target audience is children. If the film adaptation, can make the 3 d version, the picture is more beautiful. But I don’t feel too for live-action, because inside is basic animal characters, as a net friend, actor with cat head play, really let a person feel kind of ray. If must do live-action film and television, you can change the script, the introduction of human characters, like “transformers”, Sam let reality, optimus prime and bumblebee characters are computer special effects, but it’s very concerns the level of domestic producers. Throughout the &; But Yang Yan stressed that the “black” highlights the sense of justice, courage, interesting and informative, adaptation, however these are not lost, must give the children a really affect their growth of entertainment products.