Double battalion city department of zhu di built on the monkey was “trench warfare” setting

there is how many, didn’t go to the statistics, each suburban county there are one or less, but leave traces, intact is rare. But when see the ancient city of double camp, look at the city gate, passengers can get a relatively complete, in yanqing county.

standing in double battalion city southwest corner, was initially felt surprised. Ancient city wall, representing the historical vicissitudes of life, even grows out of the trees on the wall is very thick. Years of weathering and erosion of rainwater, the wall has concave and convex jagged. No matter how incomplete, longitudinal, wall into the distance, a series of still feel old majesty.

north line, tall and west gate, a shock. The gate of the base of protruding from the wall, or facilitate this may to the gates of wartime defense. Wall stand like a wall smooth, has been renovated by the cultural relics department, masonry is still maintained in sand-layered want. On the city gate house is not built, so all right, have more sense of history, if building a brand new, with the wall, is bad, but lose the harmony.

two main streets in the city is not cross, but a parallel between the north and the south. Before the gates on the north street, also known as street, is the main street, spacious, from Simon directly to the east gate. East street, south street is narrow, the walls have to be gaps, convenient for travel. City is not a square, and is carried on, the east wall of 249.7 meters long, the western wall 217.45 meters long. North and south walls same length, 328.5 meters.

double construction Yu Mingchu. Ming emperor Zhu Dibei cruise, see here sparsely populated, still moved by said: & other; Two citizens within the migration, yet all the thorns! Throughout the &; Was 12 years longqing states (1414) reconstruction. Before, during and after the plan to install 20 states, divided into double after the camp is one of the ten. Migration of shanxi hongdong county immigration, housing, and other To the distribution of soil field, creating houses, set resided, enlighten art throughout plant &; . According to the double camp village, the old man said, initially only 8 units, surname is Pan Bai meng He Tao He Zhuo song, pan as the most popular. To clear the yanqing states “, has grown to & other; Throughout three hundred and forty-eight & sixty-three, mouth; .

when jiajing built castle. Then the north tatar, AnDa army invading, rob here many times. “Yanqing state” : & other; Double camp fort, jiajing of hollow out enemy confessions in the grass, people who harm, and personal integrity QiShi with built of brick. Throughout the &; & other; People who hurt very & throughout; It was the twenty-seventh year of jiajing (1548), of corpses. Akagi invasion route from the depression into the white grass, taian mountain that is north of a mountain path. Jiajing period, wars frequently, and to strengthen defense building, & other; Two zhangs four feet, perimeter ii seventy-five steps & throughout; . Brick stone city wall, something the gates. East side door have not repair, maintain the original state, we can see stone wall, since base has more than 1 m high, bricklaying. Within the city, it was still have old Shi Kong the door bolt.

double camp name is interesting, a lot of tun yanqing called camp, and add battalion was for only. Camp said the city’s two horses; Said today (Monday) in Shanxi Province have double village camp, immigration at this point and continue to use; Originally said two battalions, and built a city, after now is not sure which is the only. But the Ming jiajing “longqing & middot; tun”, it points east double camp tun tun and west camp, to the reign of qing emperor guangxu had double camp, no points. Regardless of points and an indication of the special geographical position.

ancient land has a long history. “Yanqing states” recorded on a true story: & other; Double tuen Jia Yi wife wang camp, east king garden chariot female, also description in return. Age, Jia Qiao ancient city in the mountains, tiger. The wang to smell, to save. Righteousness is dead, the wang pitches howling from resin with the negative. Tiger with to, around the house, roaring time go & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The plot moving, like a novel. North of the village is the mountains, though, the so-called wangshan ran a dead horse, walk also want to be more than a dozen. Chopped firewood Jia Yi walk that far, very hardworking. Married for more than a year, the couple must have deep feelings. Learned that her husband had met tiger, wang’s involuntary god, stumbled ran to rescue immediately. In the face of the tiger, the wang unflinching, pitches howling, escaping from resin. She is not buried, but so far the road, back home lights. Behind him, behind the tiger, and in the house next to roar & hellip; & hellip; Story with a lot of suspense to be: why tiger let go, why no longer hurt on the road, why don’t you jump into the house? Single in terms of the wang, double how much courage, courage and strength, is not a young girl at ordinary times. Aside from the feudal color, consider, or simple. It is the formation of the folk and the character’s personality.

in the Ming dynasty, a state is a man of insight, knows education effects on people. Chenghua three years (in 1467), the year Zi think li, yanqing, although small, but human nature is good, besides, more than 100 miles from the capital & other; Wu is not wide, to compound the sex! Throughout the &; And selection of the more than 300 outstanding students, has launched more than SheXue. “Longqing tzu”, could three: & other; According to temple west days font SheXue in spirit, to the shop name SheXue in east west gate, one size SheXue in true guanque tower west. Throughout the &; At the same time in the country of the conditional offers, in listing 7 & other; Double chariot camp SheXue & throughout; . A small village, can not allow schools, is a great thing, & other; By the folkway figured out, SuShang system how & throughout; , the people potentially far-reaching influence, difficult to assess.

double battalion how buddhist temple in the city. Guandi temple in CunDong, three officer temple in the village, the goddess of mercy temple, the correlation in the village of west. The wise men to the east for guandi temple repeatedly, can not, the villagers in the city, can build on the east side gate house. Such a position is rare, don’t know is because of shanxi guild, or want to borrow of the duke guan they deter attackers to attack. East gate now only wall, gate house anymore. Conspicuous is renovated guanyin temple and correlation. Two temples, are not far apart, just to the west then see, giving donations in 2007 by the villagers. Correlation with the size of the goddess of mercy temple, see the water of the city important, jacaranda door with a red paper, couplet is striking: longteng baizhang pond in, rain kyushu heaven.

a small city, why are you so pay attention to the correlation? The original have the river through the city. Refer to guangxu “yanqing states:” lead in the Ming dynasty “wanli” & other; Communist-held Gui river since the state northwest of the sea tuo piedmont origin & hellip; & hellip; To state the northeast branch of the ancient city for miles, through the garden on the double camp fort south and southwest into the state is flow. Throughout the &; River is a branch of Gui river, from the city to the camp of double leads to an irrigation canal. Water from double battalion city northeast into the city, across the street before, and from the southwest corner of the wall. 77 – year – old man in the village Pan Qingsheng remember that young, canal water often flow of the four seasons, winter freezes, was playing on the ice. The fifties and sixties of the last century, the water reducing year by year, and then see dry waste. Now the street is can’t see the river, covered for road building. The river is not wide, there is little water. How can see? Outside the northeast because of flat land, small water entry faintly visible on the wall. And the outlet of the southwest corner of the wall outside is very good, built with large stone gate, width is less than 1 m tall, is also used to drain rainwater in the city, while the local people call & other; Water ditch & throughout; . Though small, has the passengers have the vigor and vitality of water, moisten the land, add green, brought up the people, and also withstand the test of war.

more valuable an ancient city on location has been phase, a familiar movie “trench warfare” SanJin mountain city “. Hexi 30 years hedong, thirty years. After who knows what will come in handy, perhaps uncertain what year will pop up a & other; Pingyao & throughout; !

(wen-rui gao)