“Dozen deathless Liu Kui” was not to be caught jumping off cliffs and monkeys live together

1958, Liu Kui (third left), and accompanied by defending MAO zedong to visit anhui

Liu Kui photographed with SuYu et al

Liu Kui (second from right) to take picture with zhu DE

Liu Kui (1910 & ndash; 1979) : jiangxi province. Parents at the age of 4, 1928 to attend the fifth army, in December with the fifth army on jinggangshan, in July 1931 to join the party. Between December 1928 to May 1928 were former soldiers, monitor, long lines, the company commander, battalion commander and so on. For the first time in the red army against changsha and fifth army ninth battle against gian county, as a main line long effort to take the lead in changsha and gian. Was unable to attend the long march, combat wounded after three years on the hunan-kiangsi border area in guerrilla warfare. In 1937 with the adaptation of the new fourth army in the anti-japanese front, as a first team two group a camp for the company commander, army teach team engineer team captain, south yuengling new fourth army staff and so on. & other; Throughout the incident in the south of anhui &; He saw in the new fourth army chief xiangying, Zhou Zikun and guo-ping yuan after people have been killed, sacrifice, and buried them. After one after another of the new fourth army guerrilla army captain, the new fourth army in southern anhui province along the Yangtze river in the south of anhui team captain, & other Throughout the kiangsu-chekiang-anhwei-kiangsi &; The border region command deputy commander and so on. National liberation, the military region deputy chief of staff in the south of anhui, anhui provincial military region deputy chief of staff, director of the military logistics department base in the south of anhui, anhui provincial military region deputy commander and so on. Won the second class bayi medal, secondary independent medal of freedom, and the secondary liberation medal.

s the tough war, Liu Kuiceng successively nine wounded, every time he is done with amazing perseverance and death struggle, with strong revolutionary will tend to tenaciously survived. The enemy for 2000 pieces of oceans, want to take him alive, he forced to the edge of the cliff, saw he jumped. Behold, he is not dead. An enemy, and fear him, call him & other; Play the undead Liu Kui & throughout; .

orphans stray away from home, jinggangshan when the reds

Liu Kui, formerly known as Liu Duo chief, was born in southern Jiang Fu county qing Gu Village a poor peasant family. Parents at the age of four, who adoption to ji county of jiangxi province farmer Yao Lewen stepson, called Yao Lewen uncle. Uncle a Liu Kui is very good, but not for Liu Kui SEC. Uncle is a famous local bully, want to make free long Liu Kui go to his house, often to trouble, also give uncle to play.

a, in order not to bring trouble uncle young Liu Kui start wandering, earning his helper daily bread. Uncle home help farming during 1926, attended vineyard4 Liu Kui. In vineyard4, he heard some news, said & other; Throughout the hunan-kiangsi & area; Side there was a man called the Mao Run, led the autumn harvest uprising, later and the forces of unity. Zhu, MAO’s forces has three discipline eight note: don’t take the masses a glimmer, and don’t hit people swear, no damage to the crops, don’t Dally with women, etc.

this is Liu Kui wishes. Liu Kui think, as long as there is such a force in, his future don’t have to be bullied by two uncle that landlords and local tyrants. Only took part in this unit, the more poor people will have a good life.

in September 1928, Liu Kui leave hometown for at pingkiang, hunan province, attended the fifth army four columns. Soon, Liu Kuiyou belongs to own a rod hanyang made the horse a rifle and a set of gray uniforms, berets have a cloth woven on the red five-pointed star. He became a red army soldiers.

death squads at changsha, fire bulls tapping gian

in the spring of 1930, as a result of Chiang kai-shek and feng yuxiang, yen hsi-shan between warlords, fifth army got the development opportunities, has scored at pingkiang, daye, ECheng, huangshi port and other places, and made against changsha decision.

on May 26, the fifth army and the red army as changsha at the gates, unexpectedly, the enemy stationed in changsha early set up outside the thick wire, heavy machine guns mounted on the wall of the red army soldiers shooting, strong power. Charge failed for the first time, a second charge also no results, also sacrifice a lot of fighters. Four column began to sign up before the third charge, fifth army set up death squads, Liu Kui well-documented.

about twelve o ‘clock, the death squads. Liu Kui machine first leap, shout loudly: ah! The soldiers through the wood crossed the barbed wire went in. Liu Kui and comrades from the south gate first rushed into the city of changsha, all of a sudden, a machine gun bullets hit the Liu Kui arms, chest and neck muscles, this is the first time he injured, was in a coma were sent & other; Throughout the hunan-kiangsi & area; The red army hospital. After more than a month, just walked out of the death struggle in the line.

in October 1930, the fifth army and the red army, the ninth against gian. Fighting began, after the fifth army attack group composed of each column after several times, still cannot break the barbed wire of enemy troops on the defensive. Liu Kui saw it, but there was no way to anger, grinding his teeth.

later, according to the arrangement of the superior, he bought two dozen in nearby villages water buffalo and rapeseed oil, has brought together more than one hundred youth formed independent battalion. Article they will be tied to the cotton on the cow lit, to drive the cattle, cattle frightened not desperately rushed at the enemy’s camp, the barbed wire and apart. Liu Kui rate independent battalion scored gian city. Battle, shrapnel from a bomb cut off Liu Kui lower lip, this is the second time he badly wounded.

injury did not go to the long march, save Chen yi on the chessboard hill

in February 1934, Liu Kui in small hengchow third injured in the first world war, because of his rehabilitation, failed to attend the long march. In May 1935 to October 1937 President of jiangxi province jiang district guerrilla captain. In 1935, his fourth wounded, was the enemy sniper shot in the neck, the whole body blood dyed red. After injury, he disguised as m, dealers joined & other Throughout the hunan-kiangsi & area; Provincial party committee in a checkerboard mesa border region.

in 1937, the July 7th incident, the kmt-cpc cooperation. In October, Chen yi was ordered to go to martial arts mountains chessboard hill & find other Throughout the hunan-kiangsi & area; Temporary party tan yu, mobilize the tan yu led forces down the mountain, to accept the party’s instructions, adapted & other; The national revolutionary army new fourth army & throughout; In the anti-japanese front.

however, & other; Throughout the hunan-kiangsi & area; The border region of the red army soldiers for battle and live in wugong mountain, big and small hills, very hard, news of the outside world is almost cut off for them. They don’t know the second world war, it’s hard to believe that wants to play for so many years, at the expense of the kuomintang cooperation so many comrades in arms. So, Chen yi, a mountain, and were arrested as traitors.

tan yu bao know Liu Kui in jinggangshan, let him recognize. Liu Kui said, “this is indeed a Chen yi, but I’m not sure whether or not he traitors. Therefore, Liu Kui makeup into gian city, found the communications office of the new fourth army, got the certificate letter to Chen yi, to solve the matter. After tan yu bao to Chen yi, Chen yi is not only not angry, also expressed his admiration and think they are so cruel hard environment can alert is right.

Chen yi, adaptation, Liu Kui as a battalion, the new fourth army first team two deputy company commander in a row, even the branch group leader.

personally buried xiangying, Zhou Zikun and guo-ping yuan

in 1940, to support a Liu Kuiren yuengling new fourth army staff section combat training of staff, attended the second against Japanese army in southern anhui & other; Scouring & throughout; The battle.

in January 1941, the new fourth army north road, & other; Throughout the incident in the south of anhui &; Broke out, the various parts of the army in the kuomintang under the threat of fire, the situation is very dangerous.

on January 14th morning, Liu Kui rate to break small force through a small hillside, found that the army had sacrificed guo-ping yuan, director of the political department, and buried it.

in February, Liu Kui beckoning, organization founded the guerrillas, he served as captain, responsible for holding breakthrough of the new fourth army soldiers.

on March 13, xiangying ordered Liu Kui waiting to get some food and necessities to come back. Because of the mission, on March 14, Liu Kui wake up early and going to borrow some pole and ordinary people in the village, sacks, and things like that. Is preparing to go out, move down the mountain the guard to report: liu, I thought I heard the gunshots.

Liu Kui in the mind a tight, ready to up the hill to see, but confronted Liu Hou always down the mountain. Liu Hou total evasive let Liu Kuiqi suspicion, at the same time, the piper’s personal guards tears ran down from the mountain, tell Liu Kui Liu Hou takes the head shot. Liu Kui and comrades crazy run up the hill, was found dead in the cave of the piper and Zhou Zikun Huang Cheng and coma.

in order to prevent Liu Hou always with the kuomintang troops to identify stolen resin resin, Liu Kui and comrades in more than two hundred meters away from the mouth of the cave under the cliff, mark, swallowed their anger buried the body of the two chief, back up the injured Huang Cheng left.

in April 1941, breaking force of temporary party branch secretary li decided Liu Kui jian-chun li, Huang Cheng people stay in south anhui, adhere to the guerrilla war. Jingxian county set up & other; Hengjing continuous too & throughout; Center of the county guerrillas (aka & other; Huangshan throughout the guerrillas &;) Liu Kuiren captain.

jump off a cliff, don’t want to be caught with monkeys live

in July 1941, Liu Kui guerrillas against continuous DE temple, the first command, swept the board. This is & other; Throughout the incident in the south of anhui &; The first battle, after its victory, a tremendous impact on the whole southern anhui, even the KMT authorities in nanjing were shocked. In November, Liu Kui led the guerrillas opened TaiPing County Tan Guqiao wood pit guerrilla zones.

in February 1942, a guerrilla zone from the kuomintang cruel & other; Clear & throughout; . Liu Kui insisted to 48 days and others in the wide wood pit, meanwhile, Liu Kui fifth wounded.

on September 15, Liu Kui work in jiangbei report back on the way, in the south of anhui through the tongling Zhang Guqiao suddenly encounter with the Japanese, covering his comrades, he injured in sixth, guards Zhou Yifu to protect him by Japanese forces were stabbed with a bayonet.

on November 3, 1943, and the goose feather snow, especially cold. Liu Kui class with two soldiers moved to the new home pit camping. Night, the warriors Wang Kunshan and xin-yuan zhang suddenly defected, three comrades sacrifice, Liu Kui were injured, this is his seventh badly wounded. The bullet hit him in the left leg, Liu Kuiren pain with his fingers to dig out the bullet.

to see the enemy coming, Liu Kui feel injured himself became everybody’s baggage, he forced away his comrades, climbed to a cliff. The enemy chanting & other; Capture Liu Kui & throughout; Because he can capture alive to a bounty of 2000 pieces of the ocean. But Liu Kui wouldn’t let them win, a roll, do not hesitate to jump down the cliff.

fortunately, Liu Kui was a big tree in the tree, the tree not far away there was a cave, he hidden in the cave therapy, especially with the hole together for more than twenty days.

injury after down the mountain, Liu Kui led the soldiers to the enemy’s fire an ammunition, influence is very large, because both local people and the kuomintang (KMT), in legend & other; Liu Kui is playing undead & throughout; & other; Liu Kui guerrillas back & throughout; .

during a visit to MAO zedong, he served as security work

in 1944, the second against Tan Guqiao Liu Kui command, this is the first time the county mountain in southern anhui province center focus all armed military area command the new fourth army in southern anhui province, on a large-scale battles. Its victory, also caused the kuomintang (KMT), in the south of anhui local authority within the panic and shaken. Meanwhile, Liu Kui eighth were injured.

in 1947, Liu Kuiren wong committee armed the captain of the team, open up and consolidate the yellow west region. In those days in July, when attacking the goal to drop, the ninth.

after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Liu Kui was submitted to the nanjing military academy advanced study. In 1952, the director liu arrangement, Liu Kui and children learn to jingxian county xiangying, found xiangying, guo-ping yuan, Zhou Zikun three bones, and buried back to nanjing.

in 1953, Liu Kui as anhui provincial military region deputy chief of staff. In 1955, was awarded the second class bayi medal, secondary independent medal of freedom, and the secondary liberation medal. In 1958, MAO zedong to anhui inspection, Liu Kui as security work. In 1969, Liu Kui served as military region deputy commander in anhui province.

on August 1, 1979, in hefei Liu Kui died, was buried in the TaiPing County revolutionary martyr cemetery.

the tomb-sweeping day, 2008 children Liu Kui bones from the garden buried TaiPing County moved to nanjing qualities.