Dragon is a lean ones? Folk experts say the key to good or ill luck in “and”

12 years of reincarnation, dragon again today.

dragon, is the totem of the Chinese nation, one thousand years, we have & other; Dragon seed & throughout; Proud. However, in the twelve Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the only animals, imagine it in people’s minds always positioning in drift. We admire it is omnipotent, but afraid of its change multiterminal, our side will be as gods, while in dragon way to play it.

in Chinese, the dragon also presents diversity, the spirit of the dragon, long teng hu yue said praise, chameleon, false respect criticized, and oolong said.

every year of dragon, this ambivalence of dragon will unconsciously revealed, in the folk, & other; Dragon is lean ones & throughout; , & other Dragon many changes throughout the &; The widespread, it is interesting to note that westerners are often the dragon as a symbol of China. So, is the dragon is fierce? How should face the Chinese year?

to this end, our reporter interview with Mr Gao Wei folklore home.

is a good or ill luck changes the concept of

Beijing morning post: & other; Dragon is lean ones & throughout; , the idea that in the civil widely circulated, how do you think?

Gao Wei: first, to make clear the definition of lean ones, in the field of the ancients, the auspicious years and lean ones, there is no absolute fierce and ji is reciprocal transformation, each year are both factors, and there was a fierce, key to see how do you go to grasp. Grasp well, lean ones will become auspicious year, grasp well, annual meeting into a lean ones. Specific to this year, if the lean ones, so this year on the lunar calendar has more than 380 days (a leap month), or & other; Two head spring & throughout; (the two spring throttle), and it’s not all is well?

Beijing morning post: we celebrate dragon, looking forward to arrival of dragon, but don’t think dragon auspicious, is this why?

Gao Wei: because the traditional dragon shape is a little fierce, like everyone on this & other; Dragon & throughout; Stamp design, because it USES the traditional modelling, look & other; Run & throughout; , and Chinese New Year festival atmosphere. In fact this is a misunderstanding, dragon brave is not against us, but used against evil spirit outside of the precious, don’t fierce, how to protect the peace of all? How can intimidate opponents? The ancients will all kinds of imaginary power focused on it, is to use it to overcome we overcome difficulties, so as to provide us with spiritual support, is the modern people is hard to realize the meanings.