Dreaming helps lessen the pain memory stress concentration of chemicals

/AFP xinhua

the scientists found that dreams help us deal with inner turmoil on is very important. Researchers at the university of California, Berkeley, found that our brain can deal with the emotional experience, while dreaming that can reduce the pain of bad memories. Study author haim said: & other; In rapid eye movement period, the memory will revive, considerations, links and integration, but in this state, the influence of the nervous system pressure inhibition of chemicals will be beneficial. Throughout the &;

this team will be 35 healthy young adults were divided into two groups, each person will watch 150 images, can cause strong emotional reaction in the interval of 12 hours watching twice.

a set in the morning and the evening to watch the images, to stay awake during two ornamental. Another group in the evening to watch images, sleep all night, after the next morning to see again. After a set of the images of emotional response is decreased obviously. In addition, the study also showed that the effects of the nervous system pressure chemical concentration, also reduce during sleep.