“Du fu is very busy” Internet: a flash type network

recently, dufu.longhai suddenly burst network, because some people will be in the language teaching material du fu illustrations graffiti then crosses to the weibo, triggered a theme & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; The parody of agitation. After online re-creation, du fu and sometimes hand carry guns, sometimes flick knife melons, sometimes riding a white horse, and sometimes pedal bikes, it can do anything. Henan ligou du fu is a celebrity, a net friend of graffiti was of the poetry association in henan province Ma Xinchao lambasting: & other; A parody of du fu is ignorance, shallow and vulgar. Throughout the &;

in du fu’s 1300th birthday, and, as well as the public opinion in the form of a parody map, I’m afraid of those who admired and du fu culture unexpected. From the current reports on weibo in the limelight of a parody of behavior, whether du fu thatched cottage in chengdu, or hometown of gongyi, du fu, couldn’t hold a welcome even criticism attitude. But from the perspective of network culture, don’t need to respond to spoof du fu’s agitation & other; Allergy & throughout; , it is just a flash type network binge.

a parody is emerging in recent years a network subculture phenomenon, is a young Internet users in the perspective of irony, humor, game, to deconstruct the traditional, subversion, classic fashion, entertaining a network. In the knowledge that kuso net friend’s eyes, who can pop by coding and creation in the Internet of things, whether it is films, revolutionary songs, news or ordinary photo, can become the object of parody. A few years ago became network video “a murder case caused by a steamed bread”, is one of the classic case of kuso.

some researchers believe that Internet is a new form of young people to release inner pressure, is a kind of special they construct the network identity discourse, is because they rebel rebel psychology as a classic of a ritual culture. These based on the analysis of the sociology, psychology and communication studies, provides a diverse analytic network kuso on academic path. Recently, however, alone this wave & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; A spoof of the boom, maybe we don’t need to do too much profound analysis. It is occasional, by means of simulation and parody, seeking pleasure and engaged in a network. In short, it’s just a net friend recently a kind of entertainment.

compared with the ever popular Internet parody, & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; Not too many features, the most prominent difference, may be it makes full use of the weibo this new platform. On the one hand, weibo has become a gathering of hundreds of millions of spectators square, share information, look for entertainment is one of the mainstream discourse of the square, it is very funny spoof of du fu series images created their popularity. Weibo, on the other hand, in the era of high interactivity and high participation, attracted a lot of net friend to join the carnival team. In weibo field performance and sharing under a double enveloped, spoof participants substantially promoted a competition about the culture of intelligence, skill, sense of humor.

but it should be noted that this wave of core elements of a spoof agitation is just a piece of ordinary du fu illustrations, its diversity and creative potential is not high. This means that, even though netizens will own life experience of grafting to spoof (such as du fu parody into their favorite cartoon character), still do not have this photo popular for a long time. What’s more, in & other; Throughout the excellences transplanting &; The network culture in the grand view garden, never seemed to which a network can always lead the fashion. Various elements to the comprehensive analysis, the parody of du fu’s network flash action, not how much time will dissipate.

the rise and decline of network culture, the majority of the time are nowhere in and beyond the normal logic, even the most ordinary cultural carrier, can suddenly become the popularity of a certain period of time. However, given that this year is the 1300th anniversary of the arrival of du fu, we don’t rule out such a possibility & ndash; & ndash; & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; And du fu culture has flared, behind this spoof may have network public relations and cultural marketing in the phantom of the opera. Anyway, parody is a kind of personality interpretation, alternative expression, might as well to this kind of network culture of tolerance.