Du Fuceng write poetry “flatter” : compliment the superior son poems is disgusting

poet du fu

recently, some netizens said: people impression of du fu is mostly still, but in fact, in terms of flattery, du fu is also good with.

the Du Fuceng writing hymns, for the son of the superior is the song, the second son of Xu Qing: & other; Have you noticed, the second son of Xu Qing JueJi, inductive auspicious dreams to follow. Shih’s kiss embrace, and is a heaven, kirin son & hellip; & hellip; I know Xu Gong don’t worry, by continual even. Husband begat so, two young index or humble. Throughout the &; The net friend said, the poem measure of du fu’s & other; Capability throughout the deep &; Because the extent of the compliment is disgusting.

some time ago, & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; Event has just ended, but users to spoof of du fu at leisure, has not made by a number of song “song, the second son of Xu Qing” is enough to deny the evaluation of du fu’s engagement, and define it as the flatterer? In fact, the second son of Xu Qing song is one of the many representative works of du fu, many of the claim is not accepted.

netizen dabao think: this is very normal. Social work is a great poet is unavoidable. Occasionally, a bit does not affect the somebody else takes great poets. The net friend bear color think: in spite of this, but most of the time of du fu is very poor, so, can understand. While netizens linglong dice said: hate this kind of things, took pains to collect gossip is novel, even dead all don’t pass, in order to from the fringes to find evidence to prove that the historical data and other The so-called celebrities throughout great men also however is flat as a moral man &; . Is li bai, du fu wrote please people recommend letter wrote this & other; Human lines throughout the &; Poems to engage, Confucius teaching point of tuition can prove that they are not li bai and Confucius?

in fact, from & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; Start, there is no denying the fact that this is a parody of du fu, now a “song, the second son of Xu Qing” have to say there are a parody of composition, after all, not to judge a person’s work a lot.

as expressed by the netizens, du fu in most of the time, after all, is poor, that is the mainstream of his life, there is no denying the fact that so flatter du fu is once in a while, and now, the move did not bring any improvement for his life, so to say, the song, the second son of Xu Qing concluded that du fu is a flatter too much reading.