Du fu’s hometown: netizen demonize du fu image up very angry

(Internet parody du fu portrait)

(reporter Jun-hua guo May increase) & other; Netizens graffiti type parody of du fu portraits we already know about this thing, if it is demonize image of du fu, up is very angry. Throughout the &; Du fu’s hometown & ndash; & ndash; Gongyi city du fu management Angle grandson born said, as the up, we will continue to increase the propaganda of du fu’s culture.

recently, twitter spread of a set & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; The Chinese textbook of graffiti pictures, make dufu.longhai across time and space & other; Microblogging sensation & throughout; , this also let du fu’s hometown up very attention.

the grandson of du fu’s hometown management Angle, told the reporters, as up, we respect du fu such historical and cultural celebrities, admired du fu culture. Dufu.longhai as historical and cultural celebrities in the world, we will continue to advertise, du fu, intensify propaganda of du fu’s culture, make people more to understand du fu, respect du fu, respect the culture of du fu.

& other; Want to net friend is not malicious, if demonize image of du fu, up is very angry. Throughout the &; Sun Angle said.