Dunhuang frescoes in the ancient games, children play weight-lifting sumo at the earliest

tong-qing hu and Wang Yizhi couple is a pair of dunhuang studies researchers

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many of us have been to China’s buddhist mogao grottoes, one of the big four grottoes in the buddhist world if any of them, how many people will notice that even those paintings on the walls of entertainment games? As a tourist we & other; Visit & throughout; He met the kid around ska, but as a researcher, the ones we have seen murals often let them pay the ten years, decades and even lifetime study.

recently, a good news from research and development of the dunhuang studies, and a study fills a gap in the field of dunhuang studies research. Deputy researcher in the institute of dunhuang tong-qing hu Wang Yizhi lasted for more than ten years, with their business partners for dunhuang research achievements of the ancient games, the same books “dunhuang ancient games” also released recently by the children’s publishing house in gansu province.

in view of the ancient dunhuang game data, some scholars in the field of folk customs, sports and so on, but no one has a special research on this system, had no dunhuang ancient game published monograph, therefore, the publication of the “dunhuang ancient game” has an important academic value and information value.

interesting: with the ancients & other; Throughout the game &;

the “dunhuang ancient games” in the collection of a large number of ancient literature, at the same time accompanied by a large number of ancient image information, thus illustrated. Without the author’s personal assume and infer that in the book, all is based on facts, the ancient games information orderly arrangement, integration, so that a history of dunhuang ancient game vivid display in front of our eyes.

the book each card, both past and present, in the dunhuang frescoes and literature to record and preserve game classify the discusses of the dunhuang ancient games into the game in China traditional culture big background, with archaeological data and historical documents, grasp the macro and micro analysis, vividly highlights the diversity of dunhuang ancient game, unique and interesting. The past one thousand years, by understanding these games, let today we can clearly feel the dunhuang ancient nationalities colorful spiritual life and leisurely and comfortable aesthetic temperament and interest of wisdom.

easily understood: big of ancient and modern games

in the eyes of reporters, Mr Tong-qing hu is different from the people in mind the image of the researchers. To know him more than 10 years ago, I have to see his character active, talking about her study, enthusiastic, laughed. His topic, not confined to his research, he to the social life, the media hot spots, the international situation & hellip; & hellip; Have a good insight about theory,. He is not a closed doors, two ear not smell out the window of the house, but a vision, the hobby is widespread, like the taste of life interest of scholars.

such a interesting scholar, study such a subject seems to be a natural thing. In the face of & other; In the dunhuang murals of Buddha, why did you study such a entertainment, theme of the game? Throughout the &; Questions, Mr. Hu’s answer to let a person have the realistic meaning of thought.

& other; Today is to realize the great Renaissance of the Chinese nation, but in the rapid recovery, China is also facing unprecedented new challenges, how correctly is to inherit the fine tradition of our country, how to effectively to carry forward the national culture of precious. Throughout the &; Tong-qing hu, “says Mr & other; In dunhuang frescoes and dunhuang literature, save a lot of like sumo, cockfighting, play ball, ride a sweethearts, catching butterflies, while 猧 child, playing slingshot, go, and so on project, these ancient people game activities of the image or written records, to explore the ancient dunhuang even the ancient Chinese people’s entertainment is very helpful. These are contemporary children and adolescents education as well as all ages people’s spiritual life provides some might reference materials and train of thought. Throughout the &;

Mr Hu, in recent years, based on the study of the dunhuang academy in attaches great importance to the protection, and is very concerned about dunhuang culture to carry forward, often encourage researchers to written in academic research results is fit popular works, such as the years published “brilliant Buddha palace & ndash; & ndash; great archaeological finds of dunhuang mogao grottoes, the interpretation of the mogao grottoes” mogao grottoes myth “and so on are all let ordinary visitors can read popular books. Therefore, carrying forward the culture of dunhuang, dunhuang, let more people know it was tong-qing hu and Wang Yizhi will

the starting point of the study book.

people lock Buddha: mural of & other; Throughout the game &;

game entertainment part of the dunhuang frescoes in dunhuang murals of what kind of position? Why the painter painted the content of these seemingly unrelated with Buddhism?

take this question, the reporter tong-qing hu, please talk to Mr.

in Mr. Hu’s view, dunhuang frescoes is a buddhist art, its role in the cave temple there are two main types: one is to use the image of the picture to the buddhist publicity, in this paper, the buddhist principles; The second is a strong decorative effect to infect believers. And that is to say, from the content and the artistic form cave statue, together, constitute a relatively complete, independent of the religious world, let people into the caves is like going into the buddhist. & other; One fo the handover, the two have to meet each other & throughout; In the artistic aesthetic feeling of osmosis, & other; Moving heart & throughout; That the induced people are religious.

many years ago, the reporter had an interview with the famous dunhuang studies experts Duan Wenjie Sir, he thought, the buddhist world is realistic reflection refraction of social life. As a result, the content of the dunhuang frescoes depicted in, to a certain extent, reflects the social reality at that time, the game entertainment is part of the social life, so in the dunhuang murals depicting somewhat is also understandable.

in the eyes of Mr Tong-qing hu, these seemingly unrelated to the Buddhism content, actually makes sense. He said, it is generally think Buddhism is very deep, very difficult, actually otherwise. Buddhism is actually about the learning of life, most of the sutras are easy to understand, there are a lot of interesting story, is closely related to people’s life. As a buddhist art of dunhuang murals, painted content are mostly the real reflection of social reality at that time or desire ideal, was the painter can see or calendar, is a part of social life. Games and entertainment is a part of people’s life, cannot leave the children and adults. Children in the process of growth is always accompanied by game, is the joy of children; The adult games and recreational activities, not only can relax and be fitness.

consensus: husband and wife live lonesome for & other; Throughout the game &;

Mr Tong-qing hu and others Wang Yizhi woman is husband and wife, in dunhuang research institute to work. They take part in the relevant data collection and research work for over ten years. As a scholar, hu knows can’t be impatient for success, academic study must be slowly, step by step, to textual research earnestly the problems found, use of historical records and the related image data check, reasonably come to the conclusion that in the end. On the one hand, as far as possible, provide a vivid image for the reader, on the other hand, with a special focus on the image data, identification is for all image’s name to be as accurate as possible, definitely not. Also, the historical materials of all reference, can be as much as possible to check its authenticity. Whether there is some kind of game, because history must be based on the real text or image on the basis of historical data. And to do this, need to spend a lot of time and energy, and tolerance for solitude. The couple researchers, aches and pains for & other; Throughout the game &; .

space-time transformation: in the game there are cultural heritage

carefully discussion tong-qing hu, Wang Yizhi couples research, found that “dunhuang ancient game” the content of the listening very illuminating, as it is generally the & other; Weight lifting & throughout; & other; Sumo & throughout; Activities to sports category, but the author thinks this kind of activity originally belong to the human race type games, is one of the most original way of the game, so the first train & other; Racing etc & middot; Competitive force type & throughout; Chapters are introduced. At the same time the author thinks that racing etc games and competitions, JingZhi, it let us think and analyze most of today’s children games tend to JingZhi type, and now many children usually only smart without physical fitness and skills.

the book list & other Enjoying the entertainment throughout his class &; Is also very interesting, the author think that people in their daily lives and not anywhere in the competitive environment, is also has a lot of time alone or with others is getting along and helping each other. So try to make your mood happy anytime and anywhere, joy, and try to make someone else happy, happiness is very important, not only conducive to the physical and mental health of the individual, is conducive to exchanges between people in the society at the same time.

the book also specifically list & other; Word game class & throughout; , compared with today’s teenagers addicted to video games, although all have the effect of the training game intelligence, but the words more clearly develops the cultural knowledge of the participants, literary accomplishment and aesthetic ability. The author in the book, there are a lot of intriguing ideas, such as opposed to modern people will go, chess and other activities in sports activities, and should be included in a purely to improve people’s intelligence game category, believed to be mixed with the intellectual and physical, very detrimental to health of teenagers.

the author is not just a textual research of archaeology in the study, is the reality of continuously carrying on the contrast. Tong-qing hu, “says Mr History is a mirror, the comparison of ancient people entertainment, some of the game can see the contemporary people’s life seems to be learning, learning, and learning, or work, work, work again. Modern society encourages and pursues is & other; To dead silk side do & throughout; Spirit of study or work, and did not notice the game entertainment activities is also an important content of human social life. People learn, work is for the happy life, rather than simply live to work or study, people often say that the & other; Poor joy & throughout; Or say & other; Throughout his fun &; Is this truth. So the author studies of ancient entertainment, games help us reflect on the philosophy of modern society, is conducive to the spiritual civilization construction of today.


tong-qing hu and Wang Yizhi this pair of dunhuang studies researchers, their study and work, is a precious historical relics information display, its value not only in academic, but also in reality; Is not only the results of static, will also be a dynamic performance show; Is now not only, more in the future.

at present, the studies of the ancient Chinese game is very few, especially the less image information disclosure is introduced, so the image data in the dunhuang ancient game and some of the documents for China’s ancient history of the game, is very important, is an integral part of.

Pay attention to the game, “said Mr.

tong-qing hu entertainment life, will make people’s life more beautiful!