During the period of the republic of China to boycott Japanese goods: Japanese employees do not resign by ou (FIG.)

Chinese boycott of Japanese goods comic

strictly implement the boycott of Japanese goods in big cities such as Shanghai

& other; Nine & middot; September 18th & throughout; The outbreak of the incident, the anti-japanese sentiment to an all-time high. In Shanghai, who dare to secretly sell Japanese goods owners, by & other; Anti-japanese association & throughout; His appointed by China & other; The police & throughout; Severe punishment, put into a makeshift prison, in hungry. Patriot make oath: & other; To the right, at our country, for with the tombs of our ancestors, we all staff and students solemnly swear, as long as we live, will never use Japanese goods. If the violation of vow, god to punish us, others can kill us! Throughout the &; Warm response from overseas Chinese, the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 400 Chinese people, the $6000 worth of Japanese tea, silk and seafood together and pour petrol ignites the goods.

& other; Nine & middot; September 18th & throughout; After a month, more than 100 cities held ten thousand people party protests. In the business and banking, boycott Japanese goods are strictly implemented, Shanghai, guangzhou and other places of the bank cut off all contacts with Japan, handling and dockers refused to load and unload the goods in Japan, Japanese enterprise employees are strongly encouraged to quit their job, otherwise, there may be beaten. According to the time of the “declaration” report, & other; In Shanghai to buy and sell Japanese products has, in fact it is not possible & throughout; . Moreover, people show an unusually high ethical standards. Japanese goods was named as & other; Revenge goods & throughout; . In tianjin, a merchant called the song is long own & other; Tianjin industrial sale throughout the &; Renamed & other; Tianjin native product sale throughout the &; . Local agent newspaper reported that someone found sale of female coat with buttons, Japan song long night check all women coat, did not find, he ordered to investigate it again the next day, the results of the French concession in a branch office, really find a few use the Japanese female coat buttons, song long immediately expelled from the branch office manager, apologize to people, and serve the public.

under the resolutely boycott of the wave, the Japanese factories in China have been devastating. Japan’s largest industrial investment in the textile industry in China, there were 43 plant in Japan, with a total investment of 149 million dollars, and important farm machines which huazi factory there are 81, a total investment of $130 million, Japanese companies accounted for 38% of the total amount of yarn production, accounting for 56% of the total amount of fabric production. & other; Nine & middot; September 18th & throughout; Later, these factories have stalled.