Dutch scientists study of human nature in the group results: human goodness

on September 17, 1991, DE waal in Atlanta where Yerkes primate research center study chimp

frans & middot; DE waal Dutch famous psychologists, biologists and ecologists, 2007 by time magazine named in today’s world has the huge influence of one hundred world culture celebrities, and the world’s greatest living are one of a dozen scientists. Major works: “the chimpanzee politics”, “great apes and sushi master”, “how primates seeking peace and apes nature of human beings.

at the annual meeting of the American association for the advancement of science, Frans DE Waal (Frans DE Waal) the last day of the annual report is scheduled to, begin at half past eight in the morning & ndash; & ndash; This can be interpreted as not important, can also be interpreted as the finale. That day early in the morning to a lot of people, however, the host says, DE waal has written a book, named “the chimpanzee politics”, the book on the introduction to the United States congress new political book, is about the power structure in the chimpanzee, the graft and the simmering, strategy, joint, privileges and transaction, and arbitration and collective leadership, & other; The same sound with Washington & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In the great hall into a smile.

the politicians tied with chimpanzees & ndash; & ndash; Even if people are not interested in animals and behavior, also will like the tone & ndash; & ndash; While others pointed out that the formulation disparage the chimpanzee.

thanks to the fame of the book, the general audience for what is a DE waal scholars also have doubts. He is a zoologist studies chimpanzees, which may be right, but his research about the animals? People called him the animals sociologist, says he is studying animals in political science. But the United States at emory university hired him, not department of zoology, nor the sociology department, but the department of psychology.

political earlier than humankind

was born in the Netherlands DE waal grew up with animals is very close, his grandfather in the local open a pet shop, went to see his favorite mouse pups. In 1975, like watching primates to fight primate behavior Dr. DE waal arnhem zoo in the Netherlands launched a six years of research program.

it’s a town located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, the zoo has the world’s largest & other; The chimpanzee communities throughout captivity area &; . Visitors want to close watch chimps, need on the watchtower, even through the solid glass, because the chimpanzees to bystanders throw stones. Trees in the thick, have protection of river and the surrounding wall, one day, however, still have the chimp branches frame on the wall of 4 meters high, staged a great escape.

there, DE waal can take a telescope to observe chimpanzees fight, however, let him feel ridiculous is that of chimpanzees in the zoo, we must keep the distance beyond the wild chimpanzees, because & other; Chimpanzees at the zoo too clear throughout their advantages in strength &; While & other Wild chimpanzees are not clear their strength is greater than human & throughout; .

6 years, DE waal to recognize the face of each chimpanzee and sound. He also figured out the order and maintain the order of the behavior of chimps, & other; Inciting & throughout; And & other; Respectful greetings & throughout; . When the former is the chimpanzees to alliance, the latter is the chimpanzees to its higher levels to make a series of rapid gesture, is greeting the chimpanzee’s response is to the body stretch even higher and the hair stand up & ndash; & ndash; In this way, both chimpanzee are formed a sharp contrast, large or small even if their body is, in fact, as big. DE waal even completely observed the chimp communities a transition, that is a long political struggle, lasted for about two years.

since the summer of 1976, of the tribe a young chimpanzee settlement grew up and began to challenge the old leader fernando hierro, has experienced five large-scale battles.

that winter settlement made almost replace fernando hierro, one leader status. In the battle, however, a more young and energetic chimpanzees nicky out & ndash; & ndash; One leader position in settlement at the same time, nicky has achieved the no. 2 leader position. Under nicky, is old captain fernando hierro.

of course, the old officials did not stop there, in the position of the no. 3, he and nicky formed a solid alliance of the no. 2. To the spring of 1978, the old captain launched a campaign against settlement with nikki and won.

although 3 only participate in chimps to end all used to live, but it is still a politician with humans are very much alike. DE waal believes that nicky eventually occupied the position of nominal head, however, the adult females are hard to follow the command of the young man, and by females, rich experience and a very sly old leader fernando hierro byrne will almost nicky in his hand. By pushing a lad to the front desk, the old chief regained almost all the authority of the past.

it is a story full of metaphor, even after more than 30 years, at a press conference after the lecture, or a reporter could not help but ask: what do you think which politicians like chimpanzees nicky and fernando hierro well, what do you think of the President now like chimpanzees in your book? DE waal helplessly sigh, explains: & other; I mainly study the monkeys, the people also no study. Throughout the &;

politics itself more ancient than humankind, for, DE waal think, this is not bad thing & ndash; & ndash; & other; Can detect deceptive strategy, reach a compromise of both sides, do a good job in help a & lsquo; People & rsquo; Throughout the social relations & career development; , this is the benefits both individual and social behavior.

as a matter of fact, DE waal don’t think I’m research & other; Seems to make the motives of human become more animal & throughout; , he thinks, & other; Chimpanzees in power politics is not just & lsquo; Bad & rsquo; Or & lsquo; Dirty & rsquo; , they bring to life arnhem chimp communities logical consistency, even brought a democratic structure & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; The transition of the results, made up of three chimpanzee & other leader group; Collective leadership & throughout; , and the status of adult male chimpanzees in group, depends not only on his individual combat capability, also depends on him in & other; People throughout the &; The influence of leaders are born statesman. DE waal said: & other; Chimpanzee politics are constructive, to be seen as a political animal, human should be regarded as a kind of glory. Throughout the &;