Eat drink man woman: “tofu” and “jealous” sense of humor

a person in the world, men and women are eating. Men tend to love & other; Tofu & throughout; , between men and women by a third party involvement often leads to the damage of a great & other; Jealous & throughout; . But many people light & other; Tofu & throughout; With & other; Jealous & throughout; And I do not know its origin, typical & other; Learning, I don’t know why & throughout; . Traced back to this, this & other; Two eat & throughout; Each have a interesting story.

say first & other; Tofu & throughout; . History set, & other; Tofu, began in huainan huai nun tzu & throughout; . Blogger Liu Jixing textual research, in those days the Sun Huaina Wang Liuan for drug of immortality, shou county in anhui eight male mountain such as soybeans, bittern an alchemist, inadvertently had tried out & other; Like a pure white jade, fine if coagulate fat & throughout; The bean curd. Appeared in the early western han dynasty tofu, soon becomes common people very like snacks. Contemporary eat bowl is put a big piece of tofu, sprinkle with seasoning, knife edge into small pieces and eat. Then it appeared countless such tofu fast-food restaurant.

when a couple goes on changan avenue tofu shop, wife of shop-owner was beautiful, and has the functions of tofu as often feed, natural fine-boned, said & other; Tofu beauty & throughout; . To attract customers, & other; Tofu beauty & throughout; Hard to avoid has a coquette, old man around that & other; Tofu & throughout; The name to tofu shop and wife of shop-owner flirting and hands, such as touch wife of shop-owner hands while pay COINS, etc. Hence, vinegar sea wave wives are not satisfied with, often with & other; Did you go to the tofu again today? Throughout the &; To scold her husband. Later, & other; Tofu & throughout; Became synonymous with man frivolous woman.

besides & other; Jealous & throughout; . Men and women fall in love with a third party involvement, jealousness borne occur often. Why called & other; Jealous & throughout; ? Originally, on account that year gave several beauty fang xuanling do concubine. Fang xuanling’s historic & other; Henpecked & throughout; , how also can’t accept, declined the reward many times. On account that Mrs Fang xuanling is a shrew, room only dare not who. Then send the eunuch hold a pot of & other; Wine & throughout; Regards room lady, if you don’t accept the several beautiful concubine, given that drinking poisoned wine.

who knows no scared, wife, took the & other; Wine & throughout; A tearful toss off. Not killed as a result, the original pot is filled with vinegar, the emperor in order to test her, played a joke on. Account is tell fang xuanling, your wife is really strong-willed, I also respect her three points, you can listen to her later. & other; Jealous & throughout; The story of the spread. Vinegar taste sour, envy of taste is sour, so & other; Jealous & throughout; Was caused by a third party involvement between men and women of envy. IfengLogo (Liu Jixing)