Edinburgh airport to cancel the nude picture posters “keep out” (FIG.)

the red chair naked women

the web reporter Zhao Xiaoxia 】 【 according to the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) reported on August 9, Edinburgh airport again recently “red chair of naked women” that Picasso painting naked woman poster, but this time, the airport decided not to keep out for it.

it is reported that this pair of posters posters of hanging at the airport for the Scottish National Gallery of modern art (Scottish National Gallery) is hosted by Picasso and modern British art advertising. However, some international passengers after the plane to see & other; Naked woman & throughout; Picture was unhappy and complain to the airport authorities, after decided to put the posters cover at the airport.

however, the move and cause the art museums, galleries and art of derision, criticism, said the matter & other; Too ridiculous & throughout; . The Scottish national art gallery director John & middot; Leighton said (John Leighton), the famous painting Picasso’s naked women is one of his favorite models, and the world are familiar with this painting.

in the end the airport authorities now decided to withdraw the shade to make posters of naked women.

in order to solve this situation, Edinburgh airport spokesman explained this & other; 180 degrees turn around & throughout; , said the decision was originally ordered the shade is a direct response to the complaints of passengers; On reflection, he decided to make this poster originally present in the lounge.

the airport also to Picasso and modern British art exhibition organizers apologized and other related aspects.