Edo sichuan disorderly step works: Europe and the United States intellectual wind and Japanese edo style

in Japan, up to the LaoSou children, as long as you will read words have no don’t know him, edo sichuan disorderly step & ndash; & ndash; Japanese fathers of mystery novels.

Japan now is well-deserved & other; Throughout this case reasoning &; Kingdom, not only in Asia, at the same time also won the European and American reasoning boundary recognition. To think of it, there is a little magical place, the interest as a work of the main shaft of reasoning logic, closely integrated with the readability of the novel, this is not any country writers have the ability of reasoning, even once created the subject matter of the Anglo – Saxon world. Why, because Japan has the theme of cultivated soil.

inoculation and cultivate the literary theme of the United States, whether it is geography, thoughts, language and Japan are different, even opposite can use to describe. In spite of this, there are some special place in Japan, for example, Japan has a writer called edo sichuan disorderly step.

however, disorderly step of novels and the pursuit of & other; Throughout the lattice type of reasoning &; Delicate and framework design, or logical works differ slightly, edo sichuan disorderly step reasoning literary phosphorus is Japan and Asia. At that time, the so-called & other; Throughout this case &; Concept does not appear, his novel at first glance like ordinary novels at that time, although is very unique, at the end of the day just clear thread of the story.

Japanese detective novel, began in the black rock tears sweet “is a person is ghost”. This is an on-going novels, prototype is emil & middot; Garber Leo’s “le LuJu events”, taking the breath with European and American literature, was welcomed by the readers greatly.

in the second year, black rock tears sweet published their own original work “not bad”, rave reviews. Two detectives through scientific analysis of the logical thinking, pinched in body hand three hairs, thus find the prisoner, in the future & other; Throughout this case &; Stresses in the reasoning of logical reasoning, reflected in the novel. Incredibly, the Japanese can he found in the need of mathematical logic reasoning is spooky body build out terror, the common point between the mix well together.

30 years later, that is, dazheng twelve years (1923 years), step edo sichuan disorderly formal reasoning literature on Japan. Hirai aso edogawa river step, original name, was born in mie prefecture of Japan. Edo sichuan disorderly step, the pen name derived from mystery novels fathers Edgar & middot; Ellen & middot; Japanese pronunciation of the slope.

disorderly step out way, from Allen & middot; POE published the first mystery novels mogget street murder nearly a century has passed, and the reasoning novelist conan & middot; Doyle’s & other; Sherlock & middot; Holmes & throughout; When the series to get recognized. At that time, the detective novel as a new literary genre, has made a unshakable position in world literature. The science requires the new people have calm way of logical thinking, professional must possess the quality of the and detective coincides with mine. From this level, mystery novels has certain social significance.

disorderly step absorbs scientific thinking and logical thinking, the rational creation with Europe and the United States reasoning on the characteristics of the Japanese literary world. This idea in his short concentration, the works of this period, in addition to works out the two copper COINS, also includes until today no less famous, “D prefer killings” of “psychological tests” the ceiling walkers “lake pavilion event”, “the moon and gloves,” and “pomegranate” thinking with logical reasoning as the center of the short story.

these novels well express the emotional appeal of progressive intellectuals at that time, also won great praise, attracted a lot of talented people at that time. But to step do not shake the status of writer, obviously not the short story collection.

the edo sichuan disorderly step works, roughly three kinds of different style. Early to rational logic for short, mid terror, stimulate the senses as the main characteristics of collection, late, into a adventure detective stories for children.

these three kinds of different style, on time and without a distinct boundaries, but cross mixing together, slowly forward, work out also basically follow the order. Disorderly step become the Japanese writer, is also the edo sichuan disorderly step name was well known as a writer, and arouses the Japanese special, strong emotions, apparently is a story of unusual experience of mid the readers.

on hearing the name of the step, most Japanese people will rise behind a chilly, occasionally repeat depicted in the brain can stimulate the senses. So-called senses, if translated into words, is the abuse, abuse, gay men, promiscuity, peeping, the couple exchange, etc., decisive steps over sexual taboos in eachother, there are a variety of colorful adventures, and so on.

however, the ism tendencies of step work, in his original work, has been hung in the rational detective reasoning for the theme of works. Such as his early masterpiece & ndash; & ndash; The two copper COINS into the second year & ndash; & ndash; Published in 1924, the second case, the heroine, a somnambulist, he suspected that his kills a man in the unconscious, catches the lifetime of this kind of doubts, it is a horror story. Room chair “in 1925, the hero was hiding inside his favorite woman’s favorite chair, separated by a layer of leather experience the joy of physical contact. “Dance of the one inch mage” in 1926, the circus singular box, into a topless beauties, another performer left her head cut, and then the beauty again intact ground in front of an audience raised. Thought is this kind of boring purport of novels, but when performing close to orgasm, performers hand up sword fell cut head down, storyteller saw an unknown constant dripping liquid in hand one inch mage, dancing on the hills near the circus tent.

this to the challenges of a sexual taboos and advocate for all kinds of atrocities, based on the characteristic of Japanese edo period and stories. Edo shogunate exposing the more time of rotting bodies in front of people, is to want to by this terror policy, to control the enjoyment of people without limit.

pleasure mainly refers to “belonged to the brothels. Cities such as edo, until mid – is still a wild female to zone, unlicensed prostitute and the existence of sexual abuse is a objective need. And, at that time people don’t have to pay taxes, don’t have to pay rent, education, life, so there is a cash will ran to the brothels to spend. In addition, if any rich young man to the original exhaust money overnight, this topic is when people are passionate about.

the shogun after execution, will always be their prisoner head hung, naked in the street to the brothels for three days. Public policy such as these led to edo people on the body slowly entertainment tendency, even gives birth to the edo period characteristic terrorist tastes strange house. Under the background of such a style of edo, detective novel embellish into Japanese style works & ndash; & ndash; Edo sichuan disorderly step appeared.