Educator Sun Jingxiu nursery has compiled better solution rarely used word “Cuan” (FIG.)

under the bird’s eye view of Cuan village

Cuan village under

& other; Cuan & throughout; The sound (cuan). & other; Cuan & throughout; Word meanings, the dictionary explanation: 1, the stove. 2, the fire for cooking. 3, last name.

already no this word. Beijing has a scenic spot called & other; Under Cuan & throughout; , in recent years, the press is introduced in this scenic spot a lot, so this & other; Cuan & throughout; Word frequency of more up on newspapers and magazines.

jingxi mentougou district in the mountains, along the monastery chuan valley valley, there is a when Ming and qing dynasties ancient red to hebei, shanxi, Inner Mongolia. Nearly half a century, the ancient red has been depressed in the mountains here. At the edge of the monastery of sichuan ancient red, there is a village, surrounded by water and wooden house built up to the mountain village has more than 100 at the time of the Ming and qing dynasties in the courtyard, rows. In the village a few houses built in the cliff, the cliff vertical writing features & other; Under Cuan & throughout; Three regular script characters.

why is this village called & other Under Cuan & throughout; ? Because in this village in sichuan, above a & other; Cuan baoyu groove & throughout; , it was said that too on the place of an old king, the village in its downstream, so called & other; Under Cuan & throughout; . Because & other; Cuan & throughout; Word too many strokes, later renamed the & other; Under the sichuan & throughout; But & other; Under Cuan & throughout; Three big word of regular script is still on the cliff. Here and now is becoming a new cultural attractions in Beijing.

actually, Sun Jingxiu decades ago taught students learn this & other; Cuan & throughout; Words.

30 pen the word, not only now, it’s hard to remember, the original is difficult to remember. But children educator Sun Jingxiu was taught elementary school, with 10 minutes to teach students to understand and remember the words, make the student life does not forget.

after the class, Sun Jingxiu to write on the blackboard & other; Cuan & throughout; Word, and then tell the students to read the word & other; Channeling & throughout; And lead the students to read three times, darting, and running. After he told the students the meaning of said: & other; Let’s look at how to write the word? Throughout the &;

he first analysis the structure of the word. It is a traditional words, here’s words, Lin again here is a big word, the word here is a fire.

& other; Is ah, the classmates? Throughout the &; He asked.

& other; Is!!! Throughout the &; Students answered, very excited.

& other; I put it made up a song. Throughout the &; He said: & other; Read the song you remember how to write the word. Throughout the &; Say that finish, he was reading the song:

& other; “Xing”, Lin word waist, buttocks under the fire. Throughout the &;

he again lead the students to read for three times, and then said: & other; You don’t look at the blackboard to write on this. Throughout the &; Then wipe the words on the blackboard, let the students and carrying on the writing on the blackboard, students can write. Sun Jingxiu nearly 90 years old, the students went to see him, they returned to the teacher back & other; “Xing”, Lin word waist & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This song?