Egyptian writers, varney: literature can change If it is very beautiful

& other; After the revolution & throughout; One observation: Egypt, varney & ndash; & ndash; Let us become a better human literature

& other; I’ll do a lot of other things for political, but will not be writing a novel. Novel cannot be used to change the situation, it can only change the human nature, change us. Through the good literature, we will become a better human & throughout;

this reporter am Yang to be deep and clear from Cairo

to Egypt before, the writer ara & middot; Aspen varney (AlaaAlAswany) is one of the people I most want to interview. When I read his “the library bean apartments, luxury apartment in downtown Cairo, businessmen, officials, past discrepancy, meanwhile, the roof, there are a lot of poor people in a shack. God of narrative Angle of view for this book, I slightly unwell, but still surprised at aspen, meticulous depiction on the poor life & ndash; & ndash; & other; On Friday morning, the woman on the roof of expression, need the best painter to depict: her husband has gone downstairs to morning prayers, after wash away all traces of huan last night, she appeared to dry on the outside of the shacks sheet, just at the moment, her hair is wet, flush on face, eyes, reveal a serene. She looks like a rose, sucking the perfect moment after the morning dew. Throughout the &;

I am also worried about the fate of the two young lovers: taha is the son of apartment janitor, outstanding achievement since the childhood, piety, efforts and alert, rich man’s car haven’t stopped, he had stood aside waiting to open the door for them. He don’t care about other people’s praise or disparage, undivided attention to family, admitted to police PuSha na is his childhood sweetheart girlfriend. Taha everything that day before going to police station test and PuSha na saw side, hope to get her encouragement, she has suddenly become some of the cold, the boy went to the examination room & hellip; in fear and trembling & hellip;

the LonelyPlanet Egypt said, if you go to Egypt to travel, want to read a contemporary novel, the student “the library bean apartment, and Chris patten book review let I decided to buy this in 2002 published a popular novel of the Arab world: & other; Aspen, clearly expressed the disadvantages of modern Egypt to the readers, but also depicts the ubiquitous in corruption, the secret police remained under the condition of personality, counted and Cairo. Read this novel, people would think the Egyptian revolution was late for many years. For Mr Mubarak system was so easily down, to turn over of a new chapter in the history of a people reflects the spirit and courage, the readers of the library bean apartment “won’t feel surprised. Throughout the &;

have been bribed literati culture, let you shut up

to Cairo after I tried to contact varney, but his cell phone always nobody answer, or can’t get through. A peer advice than directly to his clinic. Yes, varney or a dentist, his clinic in garden city, a British stamp strong quasi embassy district, but we don’t know the exact location. Around the paths of the trees after half a day, we went to a shop to ask the way, the boss shook his head, but one office worker like customers come forward: you find a doctor, ah, I know, follow me.

he directed us to a grey apartment before, outside the unit there is a small brand, with text in English and write: varney dentist, four layers. When the doorbell, a jeans, no hooded pretty girl opened the door, she is, varney’s assistant. Room is small, in addition to the sofa, tea table, there is a glass table, some of handicraft is posed above, there is a golden head and a few lucky bamboo branches of the pharaohs. A sketch is hung over the table: a fat doctor left hand holding the candle, right index finger into a dressed in suits, holding a hat man’s mouth.

I know later, “varney have routine as soldiers: there are 5 or 6 o ‘clock get up on time in a week, 6 PM to 10 PM to write, and began to read the newspaper. Take a shower after he came to the clinic, to work until 3 PM, and then take a nap, the hottest time away from Cairo. From 6 PM to 9 PM, he will once again return to the clinic work, after 9 PM to midnight is the time in reading. But some changes on Thursday evening, he will walk to a nearby office of centre-left parties, varney culture Sharon to attend. This open to all salon in 1996 initiated by himself, discuss literature and culture, and also discuss religion, politics, first an old cafe in the city centre, in the winter of 2006 because of the secret police interference, cafes and electricity only moved to the site.

it’s a pity that day, not in clinic, female assistant told us that he went to Alexandria, the weekend where he have two lectures. Many things have changed after revolution, normal life, hard to avoid disruptions. I failed to catch the last varney culture salon, but from the New York times magazine in 2008 in a feature story is not difficult to feel this secular, liberal party: & other; That night to the two islamists, they are thin and long beard with symbolize piety, is likely to be a student. Under the background of this secular little secret of their faith, the two young men drew curious eyes, even with a little bit unfriendly, especially a female, her hair dyed yellow, wearing a purple T-shirt and tight pants, a pair of high heels is also push. Throughout the &;

& other; Question to the communication time, one of the two young men asked, & lsquo; Why is insulting Islam “the Satanic verses” in the west will get so much attention? & rsquo; & lsquo; Rushdie, & rsquo; Varney replied, & lsquo; Is a good writer. I didn’t read “the Satanic verses”, but no matter what’s in this novel, and should not be issued a fatwa for writers. Islam has no right to give a person with the killing. & rsquo; Then, varney provides an example of the prophet Mohammed tolerant of the weak, & lsquo; How can someone in the name of a prophet to kill? & rsquo; He said, & lsquo; Some people obviously, Islam is distorted. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

after the salon, varney said to the American journalist, & other; You see the confused the two young people? This is the very big trouble in Egypt today. Young people’s thinking is limited in (dictatorship and religious extremism) at both ends. In my time, young people don’t have this kind of confusion. Throughout the &;

so, meet after varney, our first problem is about his salon. Varney said, he hopes to rebuild public space, restore Egypt in the early years of a kind of traditional, & other; Sharon’s culture comes from France, spread to Egypt, in the early 20th century had lasted for a long time, but later was interrupted. In 1996, I felt the need for Egypt’s culture to do something, and these things must be independent of the ministry of culture. The ministry of culture has been doing a thing, is to buy literati, give you money, let you shut up. Once you and regime has had the contact, it is impossible to criticize the it again. Throughout the &;

against the dictator already, also against extremists

this is Alexander’s four seasons hotel, outside the window is smooth as a mirror of the light blue Mediterranean. Aspen varney looks much milder than his words. He differs from his most egyptians have black color of skin, actually his name (Aswany) has revealed his family source & ndash; & ndash; Nubian Aswan in southern Egypt (Aswan). I once heard a saying that Cairo is Asian civilizations, Aswan, African civilization, and Alexander is European civilization. & other; Of course, we belong to the Arab islamic culture, & throughout; He said varney, & other; But before accept Islam in Egypt, we have several one thousand years of history, ancient Egypt, ancient Greek and Roman culture & hellip; & hellip; These will be included in our identity. Do you think we now city, is named after Alexander the great. Throughout the &;

in addition to Arabic, he also fluent in French, English, and Spanish & ndash; & ndash; He claims to be in order to read Latin American literature is Spanish and his favorite living writers is Garcia & middot; Gabriel Garcia marquez. It seems that he can’t stop smoking, the translation of our young cigarettes for him, he said with a smile: & other; Young people shouldn’t smoke so heavy smoke, smoke with me! Throughout the &; A cigarette and then handed translation agent turned round to the young man.