Eight precious antiques severely damaged in the shipping Totaling 800 million (FIG.)

dong showed reporters damaged antique original photograph. The LiaoShen evening news for figure

excitedly bringing home 30 & other; Baby & throughout; Went to hefei for treasure evaluation activity, and the results found in aircraft landing, check & other; Baby & throughout; Eight pieces have been severely damaged, pieces, find airlines to claim, but get & other; Only 100 yuan 1 kg of the standard of compensation & throughout; . Recently, the citizen dong complained to reporters, said the past time, but eastern airlines are still not give yourself a satisfactory answer.

with 30 & other; Baby & throughout; Fly to hefei appraisal

according to dong, his home some & other; Baby & throughout; , in October 2012, hefei to hide the source culture and art, culture companies at the same time send a invitation to Mr. Dong, hope he can collection to hefei, then they will be invited to CCTV “treasure hunt” programs of several senior experts of dong & other; Baby & throughout; For identification.

last year on October 12, 19, dong with 30 & other; Baby & throughout; On the eastern airlines flight MU5576. Mr. Dong said, & other; Checked at the airport, I had told the airline staff, suitcase is filled China, belongs to the fragile and very expensive. Staff but did not ask for preservation and any valuation agreement, just using the instruments put a barcode scan through the security checkpoint after finish checking. Throughout the &;

8 pieces & other; Baby & throughout; The sorting of fragment

35 points on October 12, 22, the plane landed in hefei. Conveyor belt in the search for his luggage, dong found trunk surface has collapsed, he found on the spot inspection: 30 & other; Baby & throughout; Eight pieces of severe damage to pieces, or even into powder.

& other; The eight pieces baby song porcelain goddess of mercy bottle, bowl, song dynasty song set kiln kiln small bowl and pot of song dynasty, the Ming dynasty chenghua avalokitesvara dragon bottle, dish buccal bottle in the tang dynasty, yuan blue and white small bowl and qing black colored enamel. Throughout the &; Mr. Dong said, he touched the luggage & other Baby & throughout; Want to cry, & other; China falls into so fragile, this have much going on! Throughout the &;

experts say untarnished collection are very valuable

about the value of the eight pieces of China, Mr. Dong said, & other; There are song dynasty porcelain goddess of mercy bottle, is a jewel of great price, other are all very precious, 8 pieces together, the total price too, according to a conversion of 10 million. Throughout the &;

the day after an accident, the hidden source companies in several countries rich experts for dong as send 2 pieces & other; Baby & throughout; Identified, one of the official kilns in the Ming dynasty yongle flat pot, was identified as jack on the spot, the value is in ten million yuan of above, and a writing brush washer at the end of the qing qianlong tea also identified as expensive. And then hide source company decided from 22 pieces of dong & other; Baby & throughout; Choose 9 pieces to Hong Kong to participate in the auction.

in those days on October 14, Mr. Dong again with undamaged 22 pieces into the Po company please countries rich expert testimony. Expert testimony, they decided to quickly at home and abroad including 18 pieces sent to big shot. & other; Experts said that if is genuine, are very valuable, including blue and white porcelain of song dynasty could be priceless. But these things once broken will be worthless. Throughout the &;