Einstein biography of the empathy cousin Don’t divorce reduced the original into the servant (FIG.)

Einstein meters column with first wife wife Eva & middot; Malik. (file photo)

and cousin, elsa Einstein. (file photo)

empathy cousin took four chapter tselischeva downgraded to & other; The servant & throughout;

Einstein is one of the most important scientists in the world, is no one can and academic career, but it doesn’t cover up Einstein bad personal life. According to the daily mail, the biographer walter & middot; Isaacson in Einstein’s biography revealed his life and universe, the late scientist Albert Einstein fell in love with his cousin, and after a breakdown in his relationship with tselischeva, did not try to save, but more forcefully and his wife took four chapter: the wife asked for his laundry cooking, cleaning, and refused to carry on the sex, disguised to his wife to a servant. Text: o tired

first wife choose to leave

in 1914, Einstein’s wife and fellow scientists mered Eva & middot; Malik has 11 years of marriage, but poor relations between the two people, marriage is faced with the inevitable failure. In fact as early as in 1911, with a woman’s intuition, meters, she already feels a catastrophe and sure enough, soon found love with his cousin elsa Einstein.

Einstein said is for the sake of the two children with his wife continue to together, insist on not divorce, and write down in black and white to an unreasonable marriage vows. This marriage vows his wife m she also demoted to the servant, the terms of the Einstein asked her must adhere to this list, but could not get any return from the marriage vows.

Einstein meters she asked for his wash his clothes, and tidy up the room, every three meals prepared to study for him. But Einstein was asked, she don’t expect to get along with his close not dwell with his wife when he was at home, more will not go out with her or, if you want a wife to shut up or leave the room, she must do, and in front of the children in language or action contempt for him.

still unreasonable demands, Einstein’s wife m she initially agreed, but after a few months or can’t stand, with her two sons home from Germany Berlin moved to Zurich, Switzerland, filed for divorce after five years, died in Switzerland in 1948.

for love ruined school

Einstein’s wife mered Eva & middot; Malik was born in a rich family, Hungary and be sent to the university of Zurich in Switzerland, which is rare in at that time, the end of the 19th century many female students who can’t read university.

m sign up to study medicine when she just arrived Zurich, later learn physics and mathematics, and Einstein are classmates, and quickly fell in love with Einstein, was like peas and carrots. In 1901, Einstein wrote in a letter & other; If you want to do relative movement project success, only you can help me. How happy and proud I am! Throughout the &;

2 people soon be passionate love, abandoned their studies. In 1900, Einstein was barely passed the exam, but she failed to pass, only make-up examination. After graduation, Einstein to work in the Patent Office, position is & other; Level 3 technical experts & throughout; . Two people, against the wishes of her family not officially got married in 1903.

after getting married, her husband put mind completely in the body, make every effort to help Albert Einstein. She has to do all the housework, in order to earn money subsidies home, she also did a college student family hotel.