Einstein is not too will talk for three or four years old exam-oriented education

early February, wuhan media press corps in Switzerland has an amazing & other; Found throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Einstein was a & other; Stupid kid & throughout; .

on March 1, in wuhan the journal & middot; Albert Einstein exhibition, his son Paul acknowledged that Einstein was a & other; Stupid kid & throughout; .

Einstein development is slow, also not too will talk at the age of three or four. In elementary school, he made a clumsy little stool. The teacher asked: & other; There are worse than the bench? Throughout the &; He took out two more awkward small wooden bench, this is his previous experiment.

he likes heuristic education, deeply dislike exam-oriented education. He said: & other; Forced to eat no matter how good food, will one day be the addled appetite and belly. The spark of pure curiosity will gradually extinguished. Throughout the &;

from & other; Stupid kid & throughout; To science giant, Einstein was profound challenges are put forward on the exam-oriented education.

reporter associated with this newspaper reported last year, the wuhan mother Posting denounce the pew said had been forced into & other abnormal niang & throughout;” . The wuhan mother to & other; Don’t let children lose on the starting line & throughout; , frantically into primary school, the daughter of a variety of pew class, finally cause family war.

Switzerland entourage miss Lucy about China’s exam-oriented education blame like puzzled: & other; Chinese people usually only one child, isn’t it, why also forced so tight? Throughout the &; She said, the Swiss only 40% of the students in college, most of them based on their interests to learn skills.

the Chinese have more reflection of the settled in Switzerland. Ms-j, from Shanghai, she is in her childhood in disgust and helpless in learning the piano, eventually become a musician. She said, the Swiss particularly take good care of children’s nature, interest, and recognizes the individual difference of the forced child & other; Painters & throughout; , study result is the children’s & other; Privacy & throughout; And never open.

she said, don’t discrimination & other; Stupid kid & throughout; They may be & other; Latent & throughout; The genius, they may be Einstein.