Einstein’s 80000 documents will be open to the world contains 24 love letters (FIG.)

Albert Einstein and his academic manuscript

according to the daily mail reported, a famous physicist Albert Einstein died nearly 80000 documents will be left by the researchers in sorting, interpretation, and is expected to be uploaded to the special website for all the world view and reference. These files are in addition to including Albert Einstein had a lot of academic notes, will also include many of his private letters and even love letter. Now, researchers have compiled by the end of 1922 before the content in the file, and will upload these files as the first batch of open information.

, including all notes and manuscripts

notes of Einstein’s theory of academic, research manuscripts and letters have been closely watched. Before his death in 1955, Einstein in the pouring donated all his file dedicated to him to participate in the construction of the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.

according to responsible for taking care of this batch file hanoch h & middot; , frodo for professor introduced them the file, upload Einstein all notes, manuscripts, its purpose is to fully restore his lifelong study of academic exploration, for people to learn and understand his thinking.

private letters contain many little-known content

in addition, Harold Hector the professor also points out that part of the public private letter also contains a lot of little-known private content.

& other; In these letters, we saw there was a 6-year-old girl with immature notes wrote to Einstein. She read in the newspaper picture of Einstein, so write and advised him to trim his hair style, it will look better. Throughout the &; Harold said professor Hector, & other; Other stay open letters and certificates include his high school diploma and wedding announcement, etc. Certain content too intimate letters, however, we still had not decided whether to open. Throughout the &;

professor Harold Hector referring to private letter, contains 24 letters of love letter addressed to his cousin elsa Einstein. It is reported, Einstein also when writing the letters m with his wife, she maintained ties of marriage is married with three children. Then he and m she divorced and married a cousin elsa. In addition, his legacy file should have a special narrative Einstein on how to solve the contradiction and conflict between jews and arabs advice book.