“Electricity dead aliens” is made of steel wire bone glue The parties want to make a sensation

& other; Aliens & throughout; Is made of steel wire bone glue the parties want to make a sensation

recently, li mou post said shandong binzhou people met five three months ago in the Yellow River in the flying saucer & other; Aliens & throughout; , electric after a death, by his collection in our warehouse. This matter after media reports caused concern.

10, claims & other; Electricity throughout the alien & death; Li mou in binzhou shore city city police station under investigation. 10 at 11 PM, li mou in the city police station of qilu nets and other media reporter interview once said, & other; Aliens & throughout; Is the cost 120 yuan from & other; The villagers buy & throughout; In & other; Under the guidance of other UFO enthusiasts throughout the &; Post said on the Internet & other; Electricity dead alien & throughout; .

10, in an interview in the morning, li mou also denied & other; Aliens & throughout; System & other; With advanced rubber forge & throughout; , he said, & other; Not fake, the net friend. Throughout the &;

then li mou was investigated into the police station’s Chambers.

10, in the afternoon, in the city of binzhou shore city police chief Zhou Xiaofei bulletin, & other; Alien is li mou for the fabrication of sensation effect to the media to provide false information. Use wire as a skeleton, made of bone glue, white etc. Throughout the &;

Zhou Xiaofei said n.syed for & other; Made so ugly & lsquo; Aliens & rsquo; Afraid of being laughed at, so that the purchased from others. Throughout the &; According to police & other; The data saved in the computer in the home, see through the lies. Throughout the &;

at present, the police are doing further investigation.