Elegant woman writer right and wrong, li bai was boom after 80’s, will not be fired

11, claims to be China’s first football baby Liu Wenwen as a woman writer took part in a television, but when the answer link connect li3 bai2: wrong, by netizens, many people question the writer identity fraud. After the event, Liu Wenwen on weibo evil back, and with the people caused a & other Words & throughout; . Yesterday, the hubei province writers association, said Liu Wenwen during initiation conforms to the standards, is a full member. At present, Liu Wenwen have abusive behavior said the apology.

this month 10, Liu Wenwen attended the issue of TV programs. Audience attention because of its beautiful appearance, and introduces himself as a writer, department of hubei writers association members, the author of “18 layer cat”, “the boy” two books, and said he engaged in white-collar, models, China’s first baby, host and other professional football.

so the audience high expectations of its problem solving ability, however, in response to the third topic: & other; Have you noticed sideses water heaven & throughout; The next, Liu Wenwen given & other; Throughout the spring waters flow east &; Answer, prompted by his host, Liu Wenwen still can’t tell the right answer, so we have to leave in the audience’s sigh.

questioned by evil back

this video by netizens to upload online, after thousands of netizens to Liu Wenwen writers association membership has been questioned, & other; Long good-looking can enter writers association? Throughout the &; A net friend think, Liu Wenwen as a writer, basic literature common sense does not pass, & other; Elementary school students all know poetry, she is a writer can answer wrong? Throughout the &; More netizens poetry fun Liu Wenwen.

the Liu Wenwen back in its weibo users, including abusive words. The move caused Internet users group, more netizens launched & other; Human flesh & throughout; Search.

yesterday, Mr Liu Wenwen agent liu response, Liu Wenwen wuhan people, from sincere character makes its language is forthright and sincere, are stored in the brain after a lot of things, will have its gaps, Internet users don’t need to amplify the small problems.

Liu Wenwen said, the parties due to see a net friend laughed very angry, so call names, and apologize for this behavior. But when it comes to answer wrong li bai poem, Liu Wenwen refused to apologize, & other; Everyone has when something goes wrong, if I apologize because of a fault lines, that’s not the personality equality & throughout; .

writers association to confirm identity is true

to this, the writers association of hubei province, said the confirmed Liu Wenwen in December 2011, after two members recommended at the provincial level in hubei province, in strict accordance with the relevant procedures apply for membership, becomes a member of the association. She has published two books, but also comply with the provisions of the member of the association. For netizens questioned its membership, demand fired its member, officials say that does not matter and fire Liu Wenwen.

a producer, said the player in the game or more nervous, especially the educational problem solving program, the player should have good psychological quality and ability of rapid reaction, misfired therefore lead to some people, is a normal phenomenon.

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