Elementary school students a “jung let pear” Chinese contentious: I won’t let pears

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On April 18,

news news: according to the “evening news” report, a primary school in grade one of Chinese reading, is material & other Jung let pear & throughout; In the title story, there’s a is & other; If you are a jung, what would you do? Throughout the &; Students answer & other; I won’t let pear & throughout; And by the teacher played a big fork. This piece of paper was father discovered, posted to weibo, photographed forward time was nearly 2000 times a day, more than 400 comments. Father think impassability: this is today’s education? If you, how to answer?

【 event playback 】

children believe that they do not have wrong

last night, the reporter in touch with the father, he told the reporters, this weibo triggered heated debate, he had no idea. Children in the city city center elementary school a grade, when he saw the examination paper also asked the child, the boy said he was not a prank, & other; I ask: why do you write & lsquo; I won’t let pears? & rsquo; His answer: I think the 4 jung won’t do that. I asked: why? His answer: because he is only four years old. Throughout the &; He said, the child is very firmly believe own answer, so the problem is he has no correction, when to communicate with his father, the child is sure to ask the teacher after correction.

& other; In fact, my children are not selfish, he know a share, every eat food to me, his mother and grandmother. Throughout the &; The parents were helpless for this matter.

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against: should not ask everyone to do a saint

in the debate on the Internet, the majority of netizens think & other; The teacher found wrong & throughout; . A netizen said, this is a good topic, but needs the teacher to guide their children. The Red Cross is very rough, in fact the children answer was right. Father is speak rules, first, authorization, in strict accordance with the age, his is bigger than younger brother’s pear, can not let. Moral education should not ask everyone to do a saint. Second, the children telling the truth, at least than the duplicity answer & other; Let pear & throughout; A good.

there are those who say that the teacher don’t let the children tell the truth, and other How can the society as a whole have integrity? Whether as language problem or moral education problem, this sentence is not appropriate. Throughout the &; Others questioned: title clearly ask & other; What do you do? Throughout the &; Just answer his approach, as long as irrelevantly didn’t answer, how is it possible to cross it? If the title change & other What do you think should do? Throughout the &; This can be by values to judge right and wrong. At present, the emphasis on individual rights and interests more, perhaps & other; Don’t let & throughout; More in line with the mainstream.

someone said empathy, for example, he said: I met a little nephew in elementary school language problem, said that the & other; Big & throughout; Word with a little, what is the word? My nephew written & other; Dog & throughout; , given by the teacher and other & times; Throughout the &; , it is said that the only correct answer is & other; Too & throughout; .

there are a lot of people think that this problem is to have problems with that & other; The educational reform for so many years, the Chinese still lay particular stress on the subject Yu Deyu, real knowledge of Chinese is very weak, the writings in classical style, the world literature, reading ability, independent thinking ability & hellip; & hellip; The emphasis but nobody pay attention to see adults read a few books per year on average, more than knowledge narrow, and read as little interest. Throughout the &;