Emperor is ready to open a shop business Western jin dynasty prince stalls selling meat “a knife”

“qingming scroll” local

with the emperor zhou chun, but happy to open a shop, business is not a rare thing in history.

from syma Yu stalls selling meat, to set up business street, which is the emperor heart addiction.

1. We need carrying prince stalls selling meat, practice & other; One knife quasi & throughout; Skills

the spirit of the eastern han dynasty emperor 19, yongkang first year (167) was appointed to meet the emperor. History set, light and four years (181), emperor in succedent houses built a row of shops, let the ladies-in-waiting business. Theft occurred again, so that their mutual dispute by batches.

spirit emperor merchant’s dress, from catering their music. And he set up shop is also more than once. In The Three Kingdoms (wu) Xie Cheng “were” said, & other; Spirit emperor several games in the west park, temple palace as the host, as a merchant. Throughout the &;

xinjin dynasty emperor’s eldest son, prince huai Yu sima, we need the first year of yuan kang (291), the hermitage. He is not good to learn, but the east into the market, to enter into business with left and right sides. Chapter “, carrying prince also mended methods that we need & other; In palace for city, make the person tu sell, hand with weight, weight is not bad. Throughout the &; Namely & other; One knife quasi & throughout; Without balance.

when the northern and southern dynasties, song dynasty emperor emperor shao of liu song less (423) of the first year of Yu Jingping devotee, after only two years. “The history of the south” load: & other; Emperor in China gardens for boss, sell to sell yourself. Throughout the &; The short-lived emperor not only build shops within today, and do business.

jui-tsung Li Xian, the emperor in the first seven scholars. Yonglong first year (680 years) stand for the prince. When Buddhism first year (683), she as the emperor. And behold, his mother said wu zetian near the system, gaiyuan heir st. The next year, to mother more wealth.

14 years later, the calendar (698) of the first year, made prince again. For twenty years, the first year of the dragon (705), only after mercy, zionist, don.

when not which maybe this emperor, hard to avoid the in the mind a little depressed, he is ready to open a shop business. History set, king rond three years (709) in February, jui-tsung open a shop in the xuanwu gate, called the ladies-in-waiting & other; Jing sell all the things, to kill with or for merchants, deal with, because of his race, rhetoric is obscene. S and wei after, think laugh throughout joy &; .

but not for long. In the second year, emphasizes the dragon four years (710), he was queen Webster’s poison.

2. The wind of Ming dynasty emperor shop ablaze, even put the emperor and usury

if the above emperor to open stores, trade, pure & other; Fad & throughout; As the royal game fun. So, in the Ming dynasty emperor to genuine guy, both inside and outside the were reincarnated opens shop, the emperor for the purpose of useless goods.

Ming zhengde eight years (in 1513), emperor wudi eunuch in the play, please open source, auspicious treasure two emperor shop. Since then, the emperor shop.

the so-called huang shop, after the emperor charter and given name, opened the inn by royalty, the eunuch, and powerful. Some by the official store, house collapse (i.e., faces the water for the house, in the warehouse of merchandise storage) change set, some near HuangZhuang or traffic arteries open.

huang shop business and official shop, warehouse, goods for customers to park, and Que folding of the merchandise, and to the tax authority. But, different from the official store, the emperor is not subject to government management, the income is not owned by government and inside house, namely emperor & other Small till & throughout; . Even, some put the emperor huang shop debt, business loan sharks.

in the Ming dynasty emperor shop both capital city land is not limited to, from the northeast shanhaiguan, quang ninh (now liaoning Bei Town), liaoyang, west of datong, XuanFu (now the hebei xuanhua), tong county (now Beijing), tongzhou zhangjiawan, Marco Polo bridge, shandong linqing, etc.

the emperor shop interception merchants, cupidity, profit will have no respite, do whatever you want. Zhengde, huang stores pay silver amounted to more than eighty thousand a year two, the rest of the office the eunuch power for themselves.

zhengde nine years (1514) spring, dry fire, qing palace, all to ashes. At that time, the right is empire Yang Yiqing Xu Wenpu, Dali temple, the ritual to matter cheng Yuan Zongru, soldiers to matter Pan Xun hydrophobic successively, such as lead compound dry, qing emperor shop to the danger of useless goods and force emperor “shop, please.

zhengde, after the death of emperor jiajing of Ming dynasty and early emperor shop once weakened, but never alone. History, zong wan li Ming god twenty-four years (1596 years), collectors families left to matter have also played on, zhang & other; Extremely lack about current events, headquarters of real complex ACTS, mining, and pearl; Huang shop, and gradually HuangZhuang & throughout; .

visible huang store the folding of the perturbation quotient, infringes upon the people, become a drawback in mid and late Ming dynasty the development of the commercial capital.

3. Qianlong new business street, quiet now & other; Senior club & throughout;

in the qing dynasty, emperor far less ChengChi in Ming dynasty, is limited to within today, similar to today’s & other; Senior club & throughout; And the New Year & other; Ka wah years & throughout; . Whenever the emperor qianlong, the New Year in the same park to open business street, nine days. Li Yuerui “icehouse wild by spring” vividly describes the buying and selling in the street of the garden:

& other; Every antique secondhand clothes, and drinking tea stove, unprepared. Even with the small basket to sell melon seeds, also prepared. Open a shop are all within the prison. Antiques, such as early the chongwenmen supervision and, in the outer urban each store boss, pay the, see the said price is straight, in books, sell straight, who left belong to the original.

the minister into the garden tour, all rushed to buy, or into the pub meal feeding sip, and outer, etc. Boss of church workers, and all pick outer urban of loud, articulate person of charge. Every ride through the door, walked hall of food, the bartender accounting, accounting department account, cacophonous medley, FenRan and. Throughout the &;

the qianlong emperor came to business street, see this scene, can not help but laugh laugh. Allegedly injong qing jiaqing four years (1799), the qianlong emperor died, this park.

in fact, the queen mother, still in roughly with shops. According to nine clock master “the word qing” (qing hui) : & other; Column points Chan spreading of toilet, the forbidden forest TuanCheng cui shadow of enclosed shaw mixing. Walk close notions of chengguang temple, for general LvYan suffering heart. Throughout the &; Note: & other; After xiao qin (that is, the empress dowager cixi) in the west, the prison life palace about chengguang temple side, and set up shop, list of department stores, close to the asking price, to take an examination of merchants. Throughout the &;

should see, huang shop with HuangZhuang, weaving, belongs to reflect the social economy at that time, deserves full attention and research.