Engraver engraved trunk “qingming scroll” passage experts praise (FIG.)

trunk copy edition “qingming scroll”

(reporter Xu Chen Zhou Zhitao intern nimo Chen Nan) with a paper copy famous painting “on the qingming festival has is not easy, wuhan citizens Wu Zhenglan recently on the trunk just carved vivid & other; Qingming festival painting & throughout; Beautiful, from the deepest reaches 4.5 cm manual sculpture, let the traditional arts and crafts experts in hubei province.

this & other; Qingming festival painting & throughout; According to 1:1 proportion reduction in the song dynasty later on the qingming festival pursues “the most busy busy & other; Hongqiao & throughout; A, features more than two hundred characters.

this year 56 years old Wu Zhenglan worked in wuhan city art carving factory, learning period from folk sculpture artist Deng Daohang sculpture. To complete the work spent Wu Zhenglan two years.