Entomologist found one hundred million mosquitoes or the dinosaur fossils not cold-blooded animals

characters resume & middot; Zhao Li

website insect museum director, senior engineer in chengdu and wildlife protection engineers, the national natural science foundation of global lepidoptera (butterfly and moth), chief expert survey plan, published several entomology monographs, including the Chinese lepidoptera & ndash; & ndash; butterfly “, “by Chinese insects to record”. A website run by his chengdu for Asia’s biggest private insect insect museum museum, in June last year foreign open free of charge.

dinosaurs are cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals? Have been controversial, because it can be used as direct evidence of fossilized dinosaur software organizations can’t become preservation, scientists always unable to reach a consensus on this issue.

however, yesterday, chengdu website insect museum curator Zhao Li exclusively to tianfu morning post reporter, he collected in a group of dinosaurs fossil insects found a mosquito. The mosquito, seems to confirm that & other; Dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals & throughout; .

time travel

from the age of the dinosaurs, it is really drunk dragon blood biological

liaoning from 140 million years ago

under the qingcheng mountain website insect museum of chengdu, close to 20000 of rare strange insect specimens let a person too many things to see.

in addition to the insect specimens, the museum also collected many insects into the global fossil, which covers 17 insect mesh, including nearly all of the our country have found insect fossil groups. These fossils preserve many quite exquisite, dragonflies thin wings, bee needle, beetles, wings, even under a microscope to identify the ants bristles.

because many kinds, some very rare breed is not on public display, including the a & other; Mosquitoes & throughout; The fossil.

it’s only 1 cm length, it is like the mosquito in the movie “Jurassic park”, will bring surprise to the people.

it from liaoning province, rock buried deep in the ground about 140 million years ago. The fuzzy s more subtly alternating in the Jurassic and cretaceous period, but no matter how big the age of the dinosaurs, therefore this mosquito absolute was walking with dinosaurs.

Zhao Li think, look from fossil structure, the types of the mosquito is a vampire.

A inference

it can prove paleontology, the focus of dispute: dinosaurs are warm-blooded animals?

mosquito born love to drink & other; Hot drink & throughout; Dinosaurs also have a boiling passion

to such a discovery, Zhao Li think value is immeasurable. Over the years, about dinosaurs on the question of whether cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals have been controversial, the scientists are trying to find the evidence from the fossilized dinosaur itself, but as a result of direct evidence can be used as a dinosaur software organization almost impossible to become fossil preservation. Zhao Li so trying to the fossil, end the debate on paleontology & ndash; & ndash; He thought that dinosaurs and humans & other; Have a boiling passion & throughout; .

Zhao Li explanation, the modern scientific research has already been confirmed that the mosquito is based on thermal detecting vampire object, when its tentacles to receive radiant heat, can use two tentacles induced heat difference to confirm to the direction of the sucking blood warm-blooded animals, in warm-blooded animals under the guidance of infrared flew toward the target.

since the age of dinosaurs have mosquito, so there must be its vampire object & ndash; & ndash; Warm-blooded animals. & other; 140 million years ago this time, the female mosquito food may be largest dinosaur blood! Throughout the &; Zhao Li so surely believe that dinosaurs should be warm-blooded animals.

look from the fossil, the mosquito stomach mosquito is larger than now, obviously has & other; Throughout the ancient &; Characteristics of today’s blood-sucking mosquitoes, such as & other Aedes albopictus & throughout; A much smaller. Zhao Li think after analyzing its mouth is very short, can only through the thin skin, & other; Visible dinosaur skin blood capillary is very rich, it is also one of the characteristics of a warm-blooded animals. Throughout the &;

news extends

mosquito also have a cold drink this evidence?

before early Jurassic, paleontological defined on had appeared ancestors of mammals. But they are identified as mammals, is more teeth to judge, so at that time our ancestors are warm-blooded animals also have no evidence.

of course, the scientists also had taken the rainforests of South America mosquitoes to he cold-blooded miserably, although this is not common in the global scope.

around the world have found dinosaur fossils in the skin, can infer their skin with a thick, heavy scales, the shorter the mosquito mouth the more difficult it is to drill the skin.

so, although Zhao Li inference seems perfect, but the biological diversity are always surprising. Can you infer from the mosquito that dinosaurs are cold-blooded, also need more scrutiny.

no matter how it is already a miracle

however, whether this mosquito can prove this paleontology, its itself is a miracle. So-called dinosaur fossils, in fact, most is not the real bone, but only by calcium deposition in bone formation.

the tyrannosaurus rex of these creatures, fossils is much easier. And insects so tiny creatures, mostly Zhao Li said, their bodies calcification ability is very weak, so the insect fossils found is very difficult, only a few. And a website insects in the museum, but such precious fossil stretches over 130 million years ago to 165 million before, very rare.

News background

dragon blood battles

the traditional view has been that dinosaurs are cold-blooded, until the 1970 s, the United States, a Harvard University professor bold warm blooded dinosaurs said. Then, in the scientific community launched a debate of dinosaurs are warm-blooded animals.

in January 2009, a team of scientists at the university of Washington in the United States in the computing results of dinosaur fossils and computer model after analyzing claims that dinosaurs may be warm-blooded animals very hard. However, the results of this research have not yet received from the evaluation of independent researchers. In addition, still don’t know can use what method to verify the conclusion.

in September 2011, the scientific journal published & other; Large dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals at solve paleontology throughout history the longest debate &; Article, said the scientists used a was exclusive technology, by the climate scientists proved that the big four dinosaurs and mammals have similar temperature & ndash; & ndash; There is evidence that they are either warm-blooded animals, either than modern reptiles are more adept at body temperature.