Exhibited in day renew copper Buddha stolen: organizers say is arts and crafts of national treasures

& other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Narrow art, one of the four statue of Buddha has been stolen.

yesterday, this newspaper for exhibition in Japan copper Buddha stolen did report & ndash; & ndash; In fact, is stolen & other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Four boutique buddhas, a smaller version of the process (see the A9) yesterday.

after the report was published, there are still many readers make a phone call to ask: it is said that this is a national treasure, and online according to the process of scaling, high-quality goods, whether can also be known as the national treasure?

comment and description, aimed at the online on this further to the Japanese exhibition organization, interviewed curator sponsor clarified things wrong.

& other; The treasure, treasure of treasures that the state is special protection by the state, most of them as a jewel of great price, become a national pride and symbol. Throughout the &; Yesterday, to undertake – shizuoka, zhejiang famous brand exhibition exhibition company Chen Cui, head of the general manager, said & other; National treasures exhibition out, the country is a set of strict procedures. Throughout the &;

general manager Chen also introduces to the reporter: the background of exhibition in April 5 to 6, shizuoka prefecture in Japan held & other; Zhejiang – shizuoka famous brand exhibition & throughout; , the exhibition organized 95 excellent enterprises in the province exhibition, exhibition goods 25 classes, more than 300 varieties, including zhu Zhu Fu copper art, WNG xing ji fan, Wang Yipin writing brush produced in huzhou the old products, such as the famous brand is spent a lot of care you craft master’s work, but not mentioned in some media & other; National treasure & throughout; .

& other; We are in order to promote manufacturing in zhejiang, for Japanese people to understand and enjoy the traditional craft products of zhejiang province. Throughout the &; Chen Cui said, & other; Zhu Fu copper art such as a number of well-known enterprises in the province of the exhibition is particularly seriously, have excellent new product exhibition organization. Zhu as the master process, took out a lot of beautiful tripod for arts and crafts exhibition, copy the four smaller versions of copper Buddha, according to the declaration documents copies of shipment to Japan at $1538. Throughout the &;

& other; Through – shizuoka, zhejiang famous brand exhibition display and publicity, to further expand the influence of zhejiang traditional commodities in Japan, including exhibition for the exhibition and has a good response from all walks of life, show the desired effect. Throughout the &; Chen Cui said.

& other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Four buddhas, samantabhadra, manjusri, hid, guanyin bodhisattva, zhu is in 2000, the tallest bronze for lingyin temple five hundred arhat hall inside the Chinese made.

in Japan were stolen copper Buddha, is zhu in 2004, according to the proportion of 1:5 replica of narrowing.

it is reported that Japan’s shizuoka prefecture south police department is investigation on August 1, as of press time, also no further news related cases.

reporter Wang Zhan