Expert analysis separates competion program chaos: rapid identification would be accurate

state administration of radio, film and television, the state administration of cultural heritage issued notice specification identification program

let TV treasure no longer & other; Show & throughout;

recently, in view of the current individual broadcasting TV treasure evaluation class focus too much on the economic value of cultural relics, promote investment collection wrong idea, there is the phenomenon of excessive entertainment, the state administration of radio, film and television, the state administration of cultural heritage on further strengthening the cultural relics appraisal broadcasting television’s specification and management notice. Requirements in the notice, in the cultural relics appraisal program used to identify collection units of cultural relics must be collected as well as the citizens, legal persons and other organizations to obtain legal way of cultural relics; Program of cultural relics must be used to identify law allows cultural relics the buying and selling of which are allowed; Cultural relics appraisal class shall not be engaged in radio and television programmes of commercial activities, shall not use the cultural relics appraisal program to carry out the simulation trading, advertising sells commercial activities such as cultural relics.

for the program form, in the notice requires science related programs show the complex process of cultural relic identification, clear hints investment risk of collection of cultural relics, appraisal of cultural relics should provide market basis. Shall not be fabricated on cultural relics circulating stories, induction & other A treasure people & throughout; Fabricate false story collection, and may not be played by actor & other A treasure people & throughout; , shall not require expert hints or modify the assessment result of cultural relics, overestimate the cultural relics market prices.

treasure evaluation program of all kinds of chaos has been criticized, treasure is & other Day care & throughout; The phenomenon of valuation, expert at random. The notification can be like a boost, standardize existing treasure? The reporter interviewed the guangdong museum of cultural relics association Deng Bingquan experts, such as analysis of treasure evaluation program of all sorts of chaos.

a mess: a glance fixed qiankun would be quickly identify accurate

in just a few minutes, the presence of cultural relics experts to walk around the collection on the table and take out to see, and then final, identification of true and false, the host is in the audience screaming a hammer will be false smashed to pieces of cultural relics, this is treasure evaluation program is not uncommon in the plot.

although a Xu Bangda & other; Exhibition and a half feet, which is true and false & throughout; Such appraisal experts, however, Xu Bangda & other; Quickly identify & throughout; Is based on long-term studies of ancient paintings, rather than going. On the stage of the show, this show similar type & other Quickly identify & throughout; What is not reliable? Deng Bingquan said in treasure evaluation program, expert appraisal opinions decides the fate of art, but experts in the field make the judgment is affected by many aspects. Competitors because the time is short, the cultural relics, coupled with no professional chemical analysis instruments, in order to guide is given priority to, it is difficult to ensure that make the judgment is absolutely correct, can only say that a preliminary identification of the work of art, for reference only, plus many current fraud means is very good, even when experts may meeting.

mess 2: excessive entertainment & other; Throughout early is a fake & smashed;

& other; TV collection appraisal are for entertainment, collection before on experts have identified a times, smashed the collection, and also in the audience actually 100% determined to be false, or, who dare to hit it on the stage. Throughout the &; Guangdong cultural relics appraisal station expert Pan Minggao, according to current TV do show the composition of the big treasure.

actually, hammer strike hit a fake this kind of phenomenon also belong to & other; Innocuous & throughout; Show, is more serious is that actors treasure people hype the topic in order to improve the ratings. In may this year, on a treasure evaluation program, with dry daughter who is sent on TV treasure the precious jade, thought is guide the emerald is false. More surprisingly, the dry daughter afterwards broke myself & other; Fake goods & throughout; , is the TV, please & other Day care & throughout; , the purpose is to raise the ratings.

for this kind of the phenomenon of excessive entertainment, experts believe that the regulations for the administration of radio, film and television and the state administration of cultural heritage stage to put an end to this & other; Excessive show & throughout; The seriousness of the phenomenon, to return to the cultural relics appraisal.

three chaos: blind valuation valuation chaos or cause & other; Bubble & throughout;

& other; Before the show has been focuses on comparing the value link, many price & lsquo; Floating high & rsquo; Act, and the composition of the majority, is not very serious, this aspect will indirectly boost the art market price, causing bubble; Due to the value of cultural relics, on the other hand, focus too much on the question of how much money and ignore the value of the heritage itself, cause some crime such as theft, induce grave robbery, fraud, etc. Throughout the &; Deng Bingquan thinks, estimate the behavior itself is not serious, the cultural relics market price movements tend to be big, in the show, valuation often becomes a boost ratings gimmick, show host always hope experts try to quote the price of cultural relics is high, in order to gain the audience eyeball. In fact, the price will be according to the supply and demand of cultural relics, changes in the social economic development and change of value can’t be too absolute, not many viewers think & other Only go up & throughout; , this program must be clear, so as not to mislead the audience and collectors.

southern daily reporter Wu Minzhou prepared