Expert discussion for Chinese English four xi balls no longer called happy meat ball

2158 Chinese food meal, with & other; Name & throughout; . Reporters in the morning from the capital international language environment construction work conference in 2012, the city foreign affairs office and speaks foreign languages office recently jointly published the cuisine translation center & ndash; & ndash; fixed English translations for Chinese menus, for 2158 Chinese food & other; Name & throughout; .

at present this city has many restaurants offer menu in English or Chinese and English language compared, some restaurant owners will Chinese menu translation into English, make a lot of jokes. After widespread jokes include Four xi balls were translated into Four glad meat balls (meat) Four happy, clover flesh was turned into a Wood mustache meat (Wood beard meat), etc. Look not to understand such a menu in English for foreigners, Chinese people don’t understand. Newly published “cuisine translation garden” covers the eight great cuisines of the mainstream, from cooking to the various dinner dishes are income and translated into foreigners can understand the English name. City official in charge of foreign affairs office, said the city’s restaurants can consult standard menu translation printed in the book, but not enforced.

in the preparation of dishes standard translations, even on the editorial board, expert team in the heated discussion. Poussin the vindicated for Spring chicken (literal translation for Spring chicken). Chen Lin, a professor at Beijing foreign studies university, poussin’s English name would be a Spring chicken is conform to the characteristics of both Chinese and English language. Poussin Chinese meaning is not mating of chickens, and use English in general, Spring, summer, autumn, winter to describe the age characteristics of small animals, the primary to the maturation of general use Spring chicken chicken. Four xi balls were translated into Braised pork balls in gravy (broth Braised pork meatball), Braised pork transliteration and free translation as Yuxiang shredded pork, bean curd, bean is now. Chen Lin said that in the translation of Chinese food, expert team followed a free translation of seven basic translation rules, strive to make are ignorant of Chinese culture can understand foreign guests at a glance. Embodies the Chinese culinary culture special food is to switch to Chinese pinyin name or transliteration, dumpling is transformed from the original dumpling for; Similar with the steamed stuffed bun Baozi, Tofu now, Chop suey Chop suey, etc. Not a literal translation or translation practice, raw materials, cannot be use Chinese pinyin. Fujian is a famous Buddha jumps over the wall just, Fotiaoqiang, snowballing usury son is L legal dagunr, it as the Douzhir, behind these dishes are filling the main raw material name.

in addition to the name in English, this year, relevant departments will also inspection on public places in the city all kinds of English logo, expand and improve the new English logo dynamic database in time; For English logo & other translation; Quality control & throughout; To avoid the phenomenon such as inaccurate translation, translation is not unified.