Expert: flood control water digital dunhuang mogao grottoes will bridge construction should be 260 million

4 continuous rainfall began to jiuquan region, parts of torrential rain. Due to the dunhuang mogao grottoes scenic washed out roads, the mogao grottoes scenic area was forced to shut down. Closed in on April 6 in the afternoon, two days of mogao grottoes recovery opening to the outside world. 7 in the morning the mogao grottoes normal tourists, ticket time is back to normal, but still a power outage in the grottoes, already washed out in the electric power department is stepping up its power facility to repair, to restore power supply in the grottoes. New SheFa xiao-liang zhang taken

Beijing, Beijing, July 31 (xinhua liu huan) & other; The heavy rain in June, while the loss is very serious, but fortunately, ontology has no damage of cultural relics of the mogao grottoes, only broken to the road and bridge & throughout; FanJinShi told reporters. Recently, the reporter is in dunhuang mogao grottoes protection and utilization of engineering, and other Digital dunhuang & throughout; The progress of the problems, such as interviews with the dunhuang academy dean FanJinShi. Speaking of dunhuang grottoes, the 74 – year – old gushing, & other; Dunhuang annual precipitation is not big, but in order to nip in the bud, before we will transform the mogao grottoes, reinforcing channel, to prevent flooding. Throughout the &;

all together to deal with natural disasters

& other; The heavy rain in June, the mogao grottoes ontology has no damage to cultural relics & throughout; Twice FanJinShi stressed to reporters, & other; Just before the mogao grottoes of floods bridge railings and two caves before the levees of the rail & throughout; . Sand, rock mass fracture, earthquake, flood, dunhuang grottoes are facing a few natural disaster, & other; The most hate is water & throughout; , FanJinShi said.

dunhuang grottoes is located in the edge of the desert, one thousand years suffered from erosion and harm of sandstorm. At the end of 2011, the mogao grottoes sand protection project completion. The project, formed the barrier resistance of sand prevention, psammophyte sand-fixation forest block sand, grass squares and synthetic system of sand prevention, sand gravel sand pressure. & other; With comprehensive measures to block sand, sand-fixation, pressure sand, can reduce 70% of the sand, equipped with monitoring system at the same time, can be monitored throughout the direction of the wind, such as size &; , said FanJinShi & other; To the problem of cliff body fracture, earthquake, etc all have the corresponding prediction system. Throughout the &;

in FanJinShi view, natural disasters in the most hate is water. On the one hand, atmospheric precipitation infiltration through cracks in the mountain caves, causing the destruction of the murals and statues. To this end, researchers have been on cliff body reinforcement and seepage water regulation, find the location of the water penetration and way, suit the remedy to the case. On the other hand is incomplete flood control hardware and software facilities, could lead to flood into the caves. & other; This year we plan to please water conservancy expert, bridge, reinforce the channel, to prevent flooding. Throughout the &;

& other; Digital dunhuang & throughout; Still short of money

during the two sessions this year, FanJinShi said to the media, and other Digital dunhuang or unfinished, money goes on & lsquo; To & rsquo; Throughout the &; . 260 million yuan of projects, the state funding 260 million, the rest of the need to raise. The current situation fundraising? FanJinShi said the money has been short, I am still in constant to the country for money.

when it comes to social voluntary donations, FanJinShi so moved. & other; A child of 17 years old in the United States, called Cheng Mu, paragraph time for us to donate 30000 yuan, took all the money away. CPPCC member leaves shun xing, mobilize the New Territories, Hong Kong union training center donated 1 million again. Throughout the &; FanJinShi noted, Mr Jao tsung-i & other; Under his call, & lsquo; Friends of the Hong Kong dunhuang & rsquo; Was registered in the government of the Hong Kong special administrative region in 2010, aimed at the protection of the dunhuang grottoes to raise funds. Throughout the &; It is reported, & other; Friends of the dunhuang & throughout; For dunhuang donated 209 yuan in 2011, & other Jao tsung-i friends of the academic library & throughout; Donated 1.31 million yuan.

digital dunhuang going? Specific figures FanJinShi and didn’t go to calculate, & other; Has been in constant. Our request is, more accurate, more clear. Throughout the &; FanJinShi told reporters with a smile, & other; Digital dunhuang is expected to be completed by the end of next year, when the time comes I will not want money everywhere. Throughout the &;