Expert: goujian is dedicated to the beauty of the king’s favorite is not beauty but her own daughter

once old classmate party, my side is xiaoshan district deputy district, one side is zhuji city propaganda minister, they thought that the spring and autumn period and the warring states period of this time I read a few books, so he asked me: xi shi is zhuji people, or xiaoshan people? I said I read my book, you get your propaganda, their respective. However, the more I won’t say, the more they want to ask. I said my answer will make you disappointed, but they have to drives me answer, I said to tell historical facts, being the kingdom wu to kingdom yue, but it is not beauty.

how do this words speak? In fact, after the supremacy in wu yue, the thing has several material speak clearly, these materials respectively in the “wu” in the “national language” “the language” “under the language”. “Mandarin” this book, it is the start of the early warring states period, the supremacy of the node is there when the curtain has just dropped, time is very close together. Who say that this passage? Who called the records of ying, and the records of ying was? Is the prince, goujian, prince. In his old man’s defeat, he as a messenger, is sent to the prince fuchai, said the following:

words (with & other; Hook & throughout;) Jian please au: a office lady, holding a white 箒 晐 (gà I, for) surname in the king’s palace; The humble office male, serve dish, yi (yí Appliance, water to wash their hands) to the royal. (mandarin & middot; wu)

& other; Other practice please au & throughout; A much less convenient, of course, is concluded. & other; The humble office female & throughout; Is him a daughter. & other; Holding a white 箒 to 晐 surname in the palace & throughout; , summation, words to tell you a little humility, of course, that is to say not to do your princess, but to do what you orderly, but this & other; 晐 surname & throughout; , it is for you to have a child, to breed. Not only is his daughter, there is another, his son, & other; The humble office men & throughout; , that is, all the records of ying himself, & other Pan yi, in with the royal & throughout; Secretary said, equivalent to life. The literature of the time, close to wu yue supremacy over to the speaker and yue son, should be able to pursue. Is also in the “national language”, and “on the language” and “under the language” :

(the doctor zhuang) yue: & other; Oligonucleotides jun jian spent without make, make the the kinds, not its tone Yu Tianwang, private ministers next yue: & lsquo; Needing your mentoring to disgrace jun yi, willing to good, children approach your shame. Please practice female female to the king, the doctor female female Yu Dafu, women in aspects. From the state of jewels when finished. & rsquo; Throughout the &; (on the mandarin & middot; the language “, “under the language” is approximately the same records.)

spoken people no longer is the son of him, but the zhuang, goujian’s right-hand man. Words are about the same, but it provides more information: & other; Oligonucleotides jun jian spent without make, make throughout the the kind &; King, that is to say we have no a few decent secretary, can’t, so we have to call me practice. To do? Run to you pop singer,, is to let people listened prince fu. Dare not directly tell prince fu, that can only be told by the hand of fu. Speak what? & other; Oligonucleotides jun & throughout; Refers to him, our army has few goujian no pains to fight us, you also is to say, why? We are willing to contribute the following some of the things to sum, which ones? The first good, the second child, this & other; Children & throughout; Is specifically, not general handsome boy beauty, who? Is the front & other The humble, the humble office men and women office & throughout; . Because the war ethics, give out the somebody else’s country, the somebody else’s country male citizens, or to kill, or slaves to go to catch; The somebody else’s citizens of the country women, according to the corresponding grade assigned to the victors and destroyed Su Guo marry Sue shang king zhou da ji, duke and out le marry le ji, is always the same logic. So practice how to speak? & other; Other practice female female in king & throughout; , king’s daughter, here not said to the lion, is a contribution to it, this & other; The king & throughout; Refers to the king, the prince fu. & other; Female female doctor Yu Dafu, female aspects in & throughout; , I have two sentences together out of the back, because of which involved a social hierarchy, if not high-grade family girl, you grow again beautiful, also couldn’t get into the higher level of the family; On the contrary, high-grade family girl also won’t marry to the generally low levels of family. This is not the same as we contact later legends, saying is to fu Zhu LuoShan collect firewood woman, that’s ceremony music after the bad, the collapse of the social hierarchy of legend.

three materials are clearly tells us, was dedicated to the prince of fu, that girl is the daughter of king goujian, she’s not Zhu LuoShan sell wood girl, as for Zhu LuoShan wood girl how? Let’s put the question.

to fu girl is the daughter of him, so she call what? We don’t know how to call her, “the historical records & middot; king other practice family” refers to the more for & other; Yu first branch, and in the summer after emperor the illegitimate child of kang also less & throughout; , it may name si, not west, also not give, and no further name recorded. Also don’t know how she looks, although we know him instead of looking, he has two characteristics: the historical records & middot; king other practice family said he and other Long neck beak & throughout; , long neck, mouth tip. Speaking of long neck, have a saying called beauty long neck, maybe she inherited her father’s genes, but what beautiful, we don’t know. As for the mouth swelled, if not contact the beautiful. But one thing is sure, her origins, because she is the daughter of him, the only qualification, can marry to the fu temple.

this involves another problem, that beauty? Beauty is the beauty of the appellation, at that time like now, a pretty woman, everyone said she looks like a sable cicada, jade bracelet, but at the time, has not the sable cicada, also does not have the jade bracelet, in the north of the society, beauty is the beauty of the pronoun. The emergence of xi shi, according to my experience of reading, the first is in the book “mozi”, mozi is who? At the early stage of the warring states, time a little later than the female slightly, can also be next to each other. Here is “mencius”, “yishen son” in the middle of the warring states; Again here is “xunzi” and “ce & middot; chu” in the tang and, in the late warring states. Next is “everything is done,” was all the material in the north.

all the beauty of these materials, are synonymous with beauty, as to how the beauty of life, from our “mozi” “mencius” “xunzi” between the lines of “everything is done” and so on, can vaguely see how she died, she is very beautiful, and often with another is called Mao Qiang beauty and, but just don’t know the exact circumstances. Until the eastern han dynasty, xi shi man remains so, for example in the mencius & middot; from Lou said: & other; West Montana impurity, people all hold. Throughout the &; Zhao Qi make note of the eastern han dynasty still said: & other; West, ancient female beauty also. Throughout the &; And such as the chu ci & middot; chapter nine & middot; think beauty: & other; Although has the beauty of xi shi xi, going about with jealousy into on from generation to generation. Throughout the &; The eastern han dynasty Wang Yi note also said: & other; The different appearance of a good woman also. Throughout the &; That is a beautiful woman, is not the same as people, especially pretty. Until the end of the eastern han dynasty, the high note lure “huainan zi & middot; spirit training” or said: & other; Wall, MAO xi shi, the ancient beauty. Throughout the &; Please note that time, prince fuchai suicide in 473 BC, the late eastern han dynasty have reached around 200 AD, a long time in 670, in northern China, said didn’t see the beauty is the woman, can say this: xi shi to marry the prince.

so, xi shi is the girl and sent the prince fu when together? In the eastern han dynasty. We see in front of the most are from the north (including Wang Yi) from the central province of hubei, in the eastern han dynasty, shaoxing people wrote two books: one is that in “wu yue chun qiu” the other one is the perfect book. Among the two shaoxing people write books, xi shi as the female has been combined into one, and the more female beauty, this to prince fu is Zhu LuoShan jing salary (that is, sell wood) girl. Because the spring and autumn period that hierarchical society have already become a thing of the past, so even a girl can marry to sell firewood or noble, there are cultural background difference. Then why didn’t the people of the north the claim, in shaoxing, to get more women and beauty together? I’ve not seen among this related documents, but I guess is the mood of the gratitude, anyway, the girl who made contributions in the shaoxing people, in people’s heart, she is beautiful. A girl, youth is beautiful, what’s more, her heart is more beautiful, is a beauty, people used to place on lenovo to xi shi, so we the more women also have a gorgeous turn around. As for the word about the girl’s relationship with him, I want to also is based on the township bond complex, princess presents for their leaders, such humiliation, not to mention.

however, the female’s beauty to Zhu LuoShan sell wood is the image of the girl appeared, also is not to say that remains the same, there are changes later. Every one of us in the face of such a beautiful girl, often arises spontaneously is kindly, so beautiful and lovely girl, you let her to sell firewood, firewood, such a dirty, heavy work, and some feel sorry? So then she was actively to transpose the type of work, no longer sell wood, called wun sha. The light a few, commensurate with the identity of the beauty is, specific to the literature, it was late, is jinyuan drama; Later, in the Ming dynasty Liang Chenyu of kunqu opera “wun sha ji sung all over the world, the story of the female’s beauty wun sha would be Shared. Later, the type of work of xi shi whether to keep pace with The Times, to the white-collar or go-getters, wait and see. (YuZhiHui The author units:), humanities college, zhejiang shaoxing liberal arts college