Expert: “nursing” is a bad part of the “feudalism”

nursing is & other; Bad habits & throughout; A few researchers consensus But the ancient folk customs reflect respect for the new mother

& other; There is no scientific evidence that traditional nursing can avoid later chronic pain; On the contrary, according to the traditional nursing women are more likely to suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, diseases such as obesity, leg cramps, joint pain. Throughout the &; A scientific research personnel in overseas & other; Oztiger” Remarks, triggered heated debate netizens. In his view, & other; Nursing & throughout; Is a bad habit. And, the medical point of view was not his own.

interestingly, & other; Nursing & throughout; The folk custom in traditional Chinese families, actually also has the unique social function.

traditional & other; Nursing & throughout; Serious consequences:

constipation, hemorrhoids, obesity, leg cramps, joint pain

& other; Oztiger” What & other; Nursing & throughout; The & other; Traditional habits & throughout; Including: don’t wash your hair, brush your teeth, wash down, abnormal activities, not in the sun, don’t open the window ventilation, and strict diet taboo. He concluded & other; Recovering from bad & throughout; Point of view, and a scientific paper is based on 4, each respectively based on the investigation of a large number of China’s urban and rural nursing mothers.

statistics found that the nursing women in our country, eggs, sugar, high intake of eggs of seven times the average intake is recommended; The intake of fruits and vegetables, dairy products is seriously insufficient, nearly 1/5 of the people don’t eat vegetables, three-quarters of people don’t eat fruit and milk.

he thinks, from the perspective of modern medicine, eat too much sugar don’t brush my teeth, and obviously are more likely to develop oral disease. Nursing women are more likely to suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, diseases such as obesity, leg cramps, joint pain, with & other; Activity and high quantity of heat diet, low fiber intake, low calcium intake & throughout; The relevant.

in addition, statistics show that the higher maternal my education, the less nursing; Recovering from an husband degree is higher, the less; Accept antenatal and postnatal home visits, less nursing. Visible, nursing as a folk custom, is suffering the onslaught of modern science.

the above view, ra? & ndash; & ndash; The answer is no. Reporters found that the obstetric experts have sufficient evidence to prove the above views, maternity NiuJiXing, director of the maternity and children’s health care centers of guangdong province is one of numerous experts against recovering from customs.

experts: & other; Less dynamic & throughout; & other; Big repair & throughout; Runs counter to reality and science

NiuJiXing said that nursing is not consistent with what modern medicine knowledge. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks children on maternal body damage, thus postpartum need to rest, can’t get out of bed, not blowing & hellip; & hellip;

but modern medicine thinks, although the delivery process will cause certain influence to the mother, but after just six weeks or so can restore to new state.

all over the country the practice of nursing is multifarious, but emphasized & other; Less dynamic, big to fill & throughout; . The so-called & other; Big repair & throughout; High calorie intake of food & other; Fill gas & throughout; , & other Blood & throughout; . Maternal nutrition intake, in fact, only need to meet the needs of maternal and child can, traditional nursing in the intake of large amounts of food of high quantity of heat and fiber intake, excessive heat accumulation in the body, eventually appeared to obesity.

it is important to note that medical research has shown that the pregnancy itself exacerbate maternal risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, if based on this & other; Less dynamic, big to fill & throughout; Fuel is, the risk will increase further.

in addition, postpartum if the excessive intake of calories and no bed for a long time, is not conducive to maternal womb & other; Lochia & throughout; Discharge (lochia is endometrium in the repair process of loss, need to be out of the body).

& other; Nursing & throughout; Is:

is an ancient social respect for the mother

reporter discovery, the vast majority of Internet users are actually accept & other; Recovering from harmful & throughout; Point of view, but they also said, to persuade the old man in the home, difficult.

reporters access to information found that recovering from ancient China, the first is related to the cognitive limitations of the ancients, the second is from the traditional nursing & other; Source & throughout; The relevant. See about recovering from the earliest written records, at more than 2000 years ago the “rites” of article 12 of “far”, reflect the status of women in the early qin period.

that is to say, the nursing in ancient times is not based on medicine, but the so-called & other; Throughout the feudal ethical code &; Part of the essence is the ancient Chinese women’s postpartum & other Ceremony & throughout; . Sociology studies suggest that nursing in traditional Chinese families play a mediation role of family relations:

the birth of the child to maternal & other; Hard work & throughout; , thus realize from the wife to the mother, from maternal & other; Outsiders & throughout; To the family role conversion, push women to family nursing ceremony internal & other; Supreme & throughout; Sacred status, the whole family are willing to pay for her, running around, can take out all kinds of discontent maternal & ndash; & ndash; It is rare in her life, she can & other; A cattle & throughout; Time, in the roles of the ancient Chinese society is an interesting exception.

in addition, many netizens also noticed that a lot of nursing rules may apply to the ancients, such as & other; Don’t take a shower & throughout; , because the ancients didn’t, no heat, no air conditioning water heater, and modern people can all the year round in warm indoor hot baths, obviously. Wen/reporter zhang qiang

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guangzhou people: nursing & other; Rules & throughout; Much more special, not only can’t take a shower shampoo, also want to drink water Fried, eat pig feet ginger ginger vinegar boil, with ginger water to wash their hands and so on. Among them, & other; Can’t take a shower shampoo & throughout; This let the guangzhou women in hot climates & other; Is can’t afford to injury & throughout; .

hakka: January is not allowed to go out, generally do not eat green vegetables, starting on the day of birth will eat & other; Chicken wine & throughout; (including ginger, chicken, wine). During nursing, generally eat 10 ~ 30 chickens, more than 10 jins of ginger.

shanxi people: no bed, in three days a month is not out of the door. During the maternal with millet gruel, pasta, eggs, is the staple food, eat white boiled pig, pig tail, carp soup and other food to stimulate the secretion of milk.