Expert: the theory of relativity can be transcended But still can’t realize “through”

beyond the speed of light, you can return to the past?

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: for European neutrino experiment phenomenon of superluminal, world many well-known lab in preparing repeat this experiment, in order to verify the authenticity of the former.

if they turned out to be superluminal particles, so does that mean Einstein’s relativity theory is no longer applicable? Or need to make corresponding revision? Furthermore, once the speed of light is beyond, for human & other; Back in time & throughout; The dream of one day can become a reality?

the speed of light as the speed limit is not advised & other; One size fits all & throughout;

the liaoning daily: European neutrino experiment result is superluminal neutrinos, again let people focused on neutrinos, then this tiny particles have what features?

zhang: in 1956, li zhen-dao and Yang found: in neutrino participate in all the experiments, the weak interaction of parity violation (that is, the mirror image of the material such as the movement of particles and antiparticles exists asymmetry). These innovation theory soon proved by experiment, then li zhen-dao and Yang won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1957.

the liaoning daily: you put forward in the 1980 s and & other; Neutrinos may be superluminal particles & throughout; Argument, is based on what?

zhang: in order to explain the famous parity violation of experimental facts, I have proposed the two-component theory of neutrinos. Neutrinos are left-handed, and antineutrinos is right, this means that, in any reference frame of the observer’s velocity is less than the neutrinos, otherwise, will reverse spin direction of neutrinos. That is, the neutrinos must be based on the speed of light or superluminal particle movement. This is one of my important evidence.

the liaoning daily: according to the theory of relativity, and many scientists believe that the vacuum speed c is an ultra: if the supply particles or spacecraft constantly energy, by accelerating the mass of the body will increase, making speed becomes more difficult, if you want to put a particle to accelerate the speed of light is impossible, because it need infinite energy. Neutrinos if superluminal does not conform to this kind of situation?

zhang: I think the neutrinos are not produced by accelerating, it once produced in the interaction may be superluminal particles.

the liaoning daily: so it’s & other; Quality & throughout; The problem how to consider, it is also quality, although small?

zhang: general particles such as electrons rest mass is its inherent quality, but the inherent quality of neutrinos is very small, it cannot be called a rest mass, because it is a superluminal running, it & other; Static & throughout; Don’t come down, and because the fast, the square of the square of the momentum is greater than the energy, it has been measured experiment.

the liaoning daily: if the repeated experiment and experiment in September the same results, namely the neutrinos really superluminal run, Einstein’s theory of relativity is not set up?

zhang: special relativity within a certain range is a correct theory, but can’t take its conclusions unlimited extension. Special theory of relativity to obey the law of the electromagnetic interaction, in fact, there is no strong evidence to show that special relativity applies to other three fundamental interactions (gravitational interaction, weak interaction and the strong interaction). No one measured the speed of gravity; In weak interaction, neutrinos may be superluminal particles. Special theory of relativity of the speed regulation for all material movement speed limit, this & other; One size fits all & throughout; Is not advisable to act that way.

once the speed of light is beyond the special theory of relativity is correct

the liaoning daily: theory of European neutrino experiment superluminal (model) explain what?

Li Xueqian: there are plenty of speculation and theoretical articles. Deny the results such as the Nobel Prize winner Glashow, his argument is that if mu neutrinos are superluminal to probe, although it is neutral, it should also be accompanied by cherenkov radiation, and not be seen; There are also many theorists accept superluminal and try to explain it, the result of the related articles about CPT destruction, lorentz structure damage, fast (tachyon) theory, a new quantum effects, super dimensional space-time (namely the presence of a new dimension of time and space, such as hawking proposed membrane universe), time division (discrete), black holes, the bubble structure of the universe, the debate and research is healthy, beneficial, although they might be wrong, but will promote our further research, to the new understanding of the nature height.

the liaoning daily: the theory itself is not perfect now?

Li Xueqian: yes, the theory itself has not yet been proved to be correct, so it is hard to give a neutrino superluminal this result with the correct explanation. But if a theory is supported by new experiment, a new theory, then it is likely to be landmark achievements and the theory of relativity, quantum theory, which can explain the possible existence of superluminal neutrinos.

the liaoning daily: once repetitive experiments of the neutrino velocity measured neutrinos superluminal, so whether now many of the laws of physics will face & other; Throughout the test &; ?

Li Xueqian: in that case, many of the basic laws of physics will be modified. First of all is the special theory of relativity time – space, the relation between the energy and momentum, that is to say, to put the theory of relativity is based on the space-time coordinate & ndash; & ndash; Lorentz transformation as a more fundamental theory of low-energy approximation, as of Newtonian mechanics & other; Galileo transformation & throughout; Is the lower approximation of relativity.

the liaoning daily: whether this is our a scientific exploration of natural process, a physics development opportunity?

Li Xueqian: physics is people understand the objective laws of nature, as to understand nature more deeply, we constantly update and deepen the theory. Physical don’t like math, it’s not right, we all theory is similar to the nature, is in constant perfect, but will never reach the so-called & other; The ultimate theory & throughout; . In the 20th century and the development of physics in the 21st century proves that this simple truth. The birth of relativity and quantum theory history shows that when we realize that in a violation of our existing concepts of, and almost is the golden rule of experimental facts, a revolution in the history of science may be started. Physics, on the other hand, in the final analysis is the experimental science, we all the theory starts from the experimental observation, after hard work up to the theory, but more important step is to go back to experiment tested. If the prophecy of new theory and new experiment results, we can say that this theory may be right, but if the conflict and observation data, that the theory must be right, at least not completely right, need to abandon or correction. New experimental observation results, we have to be very discreet, but on the other hand should also be daring, have the courage to put forward a new view. If always quail, you may lose opportunities. Such examples are too numerous to list.