Experts read “jin ping mei” slimming tea, osmanthus jasmine system “gum”

Each ji-ping zhang

“jin ping mei” description of tea has a very prominent, as many as 629 book about tea, than we issue when it comes to a dream of red mansions written on tea more than 270, more than twice more, it is a common open interest in Ming dynasty, tea drinking customs. Especially, the book describes many medicine material mixing by health care tea drink.

the third back to the book & other; The woman & hellip; & hellip; Then the thick point a light walnut ate pine nuts make tea with a woman. Throughout the &; & other; Pine nuts walnut tea & throughout; Is made of walnut, pine nuts and tea bubble, together with the effect of warming Yang, suitable for kidney Yang deficiency constitution of the people to drink. Back in 7 & other; Saw the little girl took out three lamp that preserves golden oranges to make tea. Throughout the &; Here & other; Candied golden orange tea & throughout; Is the orange with honey after the stains, plus tea infusions. With gas eliminating phlegm reduction, and the appetizing, the effect of the spleen from ingesting. Because the west door celebrate, of both official and business banquet at ordinary times, this kind of tea is the most suitable for drinking and taking.

back also mentioned in the 7: & other; I saw a small si son took out a light fu ren tea, west door celebrate to eat. Throughout the &; & other; Fu ren tea & throughout; Using authentic pickling olives. “This sutra note: olive taste sour, lung and stomach’s fruit also. Olive has clear lung, pharynx, fluid, the effect of detoxification. Back in 23 & other; (wife) service road: & lsquo; Dad, do you have with me some more tea, yesterday and I haven’t. & rsquo; Throughout the &; This tea is not to drink tea, but an & other; Chewing gum & throughout; Properties of can chew this agent. The main raw material is sweet osmanthus and jasmine. Has the aromatization turbidity in addition to the dirty, clean mouth appetizer effect.

other, and while selling the plum soup, ginger tea, and soup, the earl of drink ghee sugar boil the milk; she brought forth by the west door celebrate take with roses bread, everything is carefully made of preserve one’s health drinks, in the five zang-organs are nourishing function.