Experts say China’s remaining hundreds of savage: no evidence does not represent does not exist

on earth are human relatives & ndash; & ndash; Savage? On July 24,, chairman of the xinjiang ecological society, xinjiang environmental protection science research institute researcher Yuan Guoying in his new book & ndash; & ndash; “Savage” seminar, said his judgment based on the data available, not only has in the world & other; Savage & throughout; , China is expected to remain between 200 and 500 savage, among them, al, the altun, kunlun mountains in xinjiang and savage distribution, most species as many as seven or eight kinds. Yuan Guoying attention savage research has more than 40 years, and in 1978, 1980, 1984, 1985 and 2005 successively five times to xinjiang’s wood’s peak, altai, the altun, searched for a savage.

at present, the domestic academic circles to & other; Savage & throughout; Existence has been controversial, some experts believe that because there is no found & other; Savage & throughout; Live, or body and bones, basic judge & other; Savage & throughout; Does not exist. Nevertheless, Yuan Guoying still insists that the wild man exists, & other; If there are no savage and savage the story of how around for generations, and there are so many people are described in detail in the appearance of the savage. Throughout the &; He said that at present, although he has not yet found a convincing & other; Savage & throughout; Data, but he won’t give up, still will try to push & other; Savage & throughout; Inspection activities. (according to the core network)