Experts say that in more than four hundred and eighty temple: peak more than seven hundred

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yesterday afternoon, the jinling encyclopedia compiled 100 copies of workshop. The experts from historians, Wen Bojie, publishers together. Nanjing, a professor of history at the university, famous local history experts Jiang Zan said at the beginning of the six dynasties, nanjing in the field of science, culture, art and so on are at the head of the national, & other; According to historical records, the time of the six dynasties miyagi has 280000 households, for every four mouth people, the six dynasties, nanjing has more than 100, ten thousand people, has been very prosperous. Inside the palace was very splendid, the palace is brick paved road, and road brick is side rather than straight shop shop, more durable. Want to know a few hundred years later, the tang dynasty chang ‘an are dirt road, only the prime minister mansion to da is a gravel road. Throughout the &;

& other; How many number crunchers in four hundred and eighty temple, in the misty rain. Throughout the &; At the beginning of Jiang Zan view, south temple may be more than four hundred and eighty seats. 24 was documented history of the south, and the history of the emperor wudi & other; All the buddhist temple more than five hundred, and more than 10 m & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Jiang Zan early, said at the time it was the custom for dignitaries will house curtilage as temple, gave the buddhist temple, his own house or mix together, temples and houses is equal to the streets there are temples.

, according to the nanjing university professor He Yunao throughout the eastern jin southern dynasty, the capital of health Buddhism developed increasingly, monks at home and abroad an endless stream, buddhist temple standing city outskirts, during its heyday of more than seven hundred.

this time, “jinling” also found the earliest existing in nanjing, the most complete and revised annals “JingDing Kang Zhi building”. Nanjing university professor MaoGuQi said, “JingDing built Kang Zhi” records, the six dynasties period of the nanjing, a total of more than 40 large and small bridge.

it is reported, “jinling” is a key initiative for the first time to nanjing in editing and publishing landscape will classify together.

the nanjing museum of Ming ChengYuanShi researcher Zhu Minge is introduced, its capital of nanjing national government in April 1927, in order to show the nanjing, nanjing municipal government approved by the national government in particular, changed its name to nanjing special city by city. At the same time, the name of nanjing city gate has become the focus of people.

in 1928, nanjing municipal bureau of education, first of all, have challenged the gates name, & other; The original name of the gate, you’ll have the feudal thought, which involves the genie MiuShui, throughout the modern trend is quite unsuitable &; , petition government changed its name to gate, enter the name.

after after nanjing special town-hall meetings to discuss the city government decided to change the meter phoenix gate to the arc DE triomphe, jubao door to the gate of China, scene dajie instead, etc.

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nanjing city gate renamed the wave of the republic of China

instrument chicken door & rarr; The arc DE triomphe, to commemorate the northern victory)

jubao door & rarr; The gate of China (intended to commemorate the republic of China)

dajie & rarr; Zhongshan gate (intended to commemorate)