Experts say the animal language translator will understand dog language is not a dream into a reality


experts say animal language interpreter will become real understand the dog is not a dream

the animal behavior expert Cohen & middot; Si Luo Bode schaefer, said professor phone the size of the animal language translation machine will become a reality in five to 10 years. Currently, he is studying a new technology, used in the translation of prairie dogs barking. He pointed out that this technology will eventually be used to translate all the animal’s language, let talk to humans and animals is no longer a dream.

s Luo Bode schaefer said he is developing a new type of artificial intelligence software, is used to record the prairie dogs barking, and then with the analysis of artificial intelligence technology and translate them into English. According to his research, the groundhog to company issued the warning information about the potential dangers of contains a lot of details, and even specific to similar & other; A small brown coyotes are fast approaching & throughout; Such details.

in the past 30 years, the professor has been in the study of animal behavior. He pointed out that: & other; I think our current master of the technology have been able to develop such a device. Their volume can be so small that only as small as a mobile phone allows us to chat with a pet dog and cat. The device to the barking of a dog or cat cries that translated into language, such as & lsquo; I want to eat meat tonight & rsquo; Or & lsquo; You recently didn’t clean my nest & rsquo; Such information. Throughout the &;