Experts say the Chinese valentine’s day is not a “Chinese valentine’s day” : is a family reunion festival

83 – year – old wu c, a dark look, the blouse. The trip to Shanghai, he as editor of “series of the Chinese nation always come & other Series & throughout; The compiling work for the first time.

the folklore society honorary President of China, national non-material cultural heritage protection, deputy director of the expert committee of liaoning, a professor at the university is & other; The second generation of the most prestigious in China folklore throughout the home &; . Half a year on the plane, travel around to rescue and the national folk cultural heritage protection, but he still spare no effort to take the & other; Chief editor & throughout; Responsibility: & other; There are so many important and difficult work, bright spots, focus, characteristics, my heart will feel even: give me the who! Throughout the &;

& other; Culture heritage, to spread. Throughout the &; One thing to let wu c Ann has: well known Cinderella, such as in Tokyo Disneyland, Cinderella theme logo tourists from all over the world to bring back that will buy a glass slipper. Few people know that the earliest Cinderella story actually happened in China. In 1984, wu c, wrote an article published in 27 languages of the world’s countries, title is the Cinderella story in China: the Cinderella of the 11th century Europe began to appear, and in the 9th century tang dynasty bashu area tujia is circulating a Cinderella story. Unfortunately, from the tang dynasty to today, have been locked in recognizing our Cinderella, Cinderella has traveled the world and Europe. & other; If our Cinderella can spread to today, probably in the modern world civilization, there will be a dancing in tujia diaojiao building beside the Cinderella of the image. It also tells us the relationship between the dissemination and inheritance, this is a rule, who left the law, who is culturally increasingly lagging behind! Throughout the &; Speaking of which, the old man couldn’t help standing up.

the country of Mongolian wu c, never hide likes and dislikes about people and things around them. In the present some cultural ecology reserve so-called & other; Build & throughout; , & other Build & throughout; , he relentlessly criticized that the so-called & other; Build & throughout; , & other Build & throughout; Is, fatigue life ShangCai, without scientific research and investigation, instead, there is a big risk for cultural ecology and destructive. & other; Folk culture, it is people themselves in the development of any experts, officials had no right to design. Is the best protection method, give back folk cultures, to the people, let folk to rich to development. Throughout the &;

& other; Culture is both a national and the world. Throughout the &; This is wu c Ann has said a word. Don’t mind young people lead valentine’s day, but the arms against & other Chinese valentine’s day & throughout; As & other; Chinese valentine’s day & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; & other; How is the lover niulang and zhinv? They completely with romeo and Juliet are two different things. Chinese valentine’s day that day, should be the gigolo knit and children meet, is a family reunion festival. Now, we don’t have excavated the charm of traditional festivals, it is no wonder that young people have been to the festival. Throughout the &;

the life to protect national and folk culture of elders, actually not lack both & other; Cool & throughout; Again & other; Tide & throughout; Side. He began in the 1980 s with a computer, & other; Now I can also use the computer animation & throughout; Words, in a few minutes. & other; Missed the essence of the traditional elements of modern civilization, there is no modernization of foundations. The foundations of no culture can also development? Similarly, the past, on the foundation of the cultural development can also? The two are the same. Throughout the &; The old man’s head popped up occasionally some interesting & other; Ideas & throughout; . For instance, when he proposed the next editor will open, the editor of 56 ethnic groups have put on their national costumes, said laughing.