Experts say the real & quot; Valentine’s day & quot; The old woman seldom go out during the Lantern Festival

dragon Lantern Festival arrived, the shen city common everywhere permeated with festive, holiday atmosphere of harmony, red lanterns are hung in the streets, families.

the Lantern Festival is one of the most solemn festival in Chinese folk, & other; Throughout the fifteenth day of the first make yuanxiao &; Has a long history. Decades ago, zhongshan park, south lake park, the parade is still the old shenyang Zhao Mausoleum park not erase memories.

home famous folklore JiShouCheng Mr. To shenyang in the history of people has deep research how to home after the Lantern Festival, February 3, he LaoQi with reporters at the Lantern Festival in the history of the grand, cited qing DouChaYuan left all empire, one of the famous poet Yao Yuanzhi account shengjing (now pages) (now shenyang) siping street lantern fair picture of poetry to describe: & other; Third officer, set up in the street, xiao qing song left half empty. It is early spring in the cx, bead flower mangrove newspaper in abundance. Throughout the &; In his view, the Lantern Festival is called in the history of shenyang & other; Throughout the carnival &; .

in the qing dynasty, the custom of shengjing is three days before the annual Lantern Festival, started in siping street and set up. High platform has three officer & other; Gods & throughout; Water: cheongwan, officer, officer. Folklore cheongwan blessing (yao), officer (shun) SINS, water officer (yu) solution eritrea, and decorating, celebrate. Xiao drum strike to the fifteenth day night, scrambling to percussion, melodious tweedle. Cross the street injured rope, with colored paper, shops along the street in front of the set the lamp plaques, light as day.

the fifteenth day of the first, also known as the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival. Yuanxiao randeng custom since the han dynasty, the tang dynasty, watching lanterns activities thrive, great poets in the tang dynasty vibrated in his “the 15th night view lamp” describes the Lantern Festival eep cheng jing: & other; Han yi star fall, according to the floor like a month suspension. Throughout the &; The song dynasty, the Lantern Festival is also very important, the style of the lamp is very rich, watching lanterns activities more lively. In the Ming dynasty, the Lantern Festival to watching lanterns for 10 days in a row, this is the longest in the history of Chinese Lantern Festival. Watching lanterns activities in qing dynasty, though only three days, but the scale of the activity is very big, bustling. This kind of situation, this is especially true in shengjing.

special customs of manchu women: & other; Go out & throughout;

, said Mr JiShouCheng in qing dynasty, and to celebrate the Spring Festival, the government bureaucracy in the four days of the lunar December 19 and 22 seal, to the second year in the first month within three days of 19 to 21, printing work normally. Seal, to temporarily set lamp officer, also called light administration department, revoked after printing. Interestingly, lights officer dressed as office officials, head wear a hat or cap with tassels, wearing a long jacket, ride on a wooden pole, carried by two people shoulder. Lady and a man dressed as a lamp to the officer, and fell on the back of the donkey to follow after the lights officer. In several chief and the maid under several people crowding round, begs from door to door to check the lamp, which without pomp or insufficient number of lights, to a certain number of yuanxiao. Now, to be included in the provincial intangible protection list of xibo lights officer yangko, is from the inheritance of folk custom at that time.

in the history of the Lantern Festival in shenyang, in addition to the city in downtown pomp 3 days. Dragon lantern and lion, stilts, the yangko, land boat, and other folk entertainment activities.