Explore body make-up “the secret” basement work repeatedly to wash their hands into the occupational disease

funeral home body make-up artist, this is a group of a definitive work on & other; Secret & throughout; The edge of the basement: they face every day hundreds of bodies, to overcome fear, one by one as dressing up, putting on his hat and coat to the living. After a day’s work, usually they control repeatedly rub his hands. On September 1, the yangcheng evening news reporters came to the funeral home in guangzhou anti-corrosion, into the body makeup & other The basement throughout life &; .

as the newspaper just induction of new recruits in January, that will be sent to a funeral home work experience body makeup artist, reporters two strands of bouncing and curious mind. Reporter in the process of three hours of experience, a taste of the wonderful hand after makeup to the living & other; New look & throughout; , can not help but sigh: for the body make up this game, true person very qualified for.

enter the anticorrosion of underground

at 9 am, reporters wear special clothing, makeup girl from head to foot & other; Heavily armed & throughout; , under the guidance of department of anticorrosive Li Fajun into & other; Outside the box & throughout; In the basement. It is at a funeral home main floor negative on the first floor, the overall design for annular: body wash room, dressing room, departures room, body all around the ring shipped resin refrigerator, scheduled in turn.

just step into departures, greeted the scene when alarmed. The scene with more than 30 bodies, different body posture, facial features, it is difficult to identify some of the victims face even, there is quite a creepy. 12 makeup girl is double, one by one for makeup, dress to the living. Ring the basement pale light, ventilated take a breath depend on electricity. So large space, though very clean, but still a damp smell, straight nose throat. All bodies of claustrophobic in surroundings, reporters felt he has been through in the trance.

for 80 to 100 to the living every day makeup

female makeup artist Song Lei a word, the reporter back to reality. From just numerous body of the outbound thaw, she pushed to the body of a middle-aged women went to the living, for its makeup: a wooden comb comb suitable loose hair; Puff wiped gently on the face, immediately rosy cheeks; Eyebrow pencil tall and slender, lip lightly, eyes, lips close, good make-up of the victims fell asleep almost normal. Makeup before the white face, namely the new look less than ten minutes. Every day, here will be from 80 to 100 a makeup to the living.

reporter try to approach another male makeup artist, to experience departures process. But can’t restraint the heart speeds up, the whole body heat scalp pins and needles. Forehead sweat less than 2 minutes straight drop, hands out sweat drenched gloves.

then, the reporter comes to cold storage in the basement. Here quietly lying down more than 680 bodies, the core to belong to the funeral home area. After the victims to the funeral home, for the first cleaning, corrosion, and then put into cold storage refrigeration. Body out, put in storage through a computer automatic control valve automatically.

Li Fajun open the refrigerator door, the reporter sees in the refrigerator several row body on both sides of the storage rack respectively, two transport elevator is located in the middle, follow the body out, inventory orders. Li Fajun introduction, because not the body of the funeral all parked here, must be perfectly clean and cold temperatures of the inside. Refrigerator door slam open at the moment, the reporter had aphasia. For standing in the center of the side door, the inside of the cold storage air conditioning straight, only feel quaking in a burst of dizziness.

work after repeated washing hands

midway through the interview, the reporter due to feel fear, in the wake of Li Fajun go to the bathroom, see the bathroom the ground placed with dozens of barrels of hand sanitizer. After he confessed work repeatedly rub hands, it has become their & other; Occupational disease & throughout; .

Reporter discovery,

lunch as body makeup artist, Li Fajun has many taboo: don’t eat chicken custard foods, not to eat barbecue. He says this kind of phenomenon is very popular in this group. & other; We this career is difficult to get the understanding of outsiders, that only understand themselves, to understand death and life. Throughout the &; Speed smooth Li Fajun has any other makeup artist personality traits of a funeral home: peace of mind, things calm.