Explore thousands of ping site: 6000 people skeleton preserved (FIG.)

on April 26, chenzhou Wen Wuchu, archaeological workers in guiyang, thousands of ping sites of excavated pottery to repair. Our correspondent Guo Liliang taken

our reporter li kwok pan

6000 years ago in the southern region, prehistoric people how to live? From archaeological experts in our province to guiyang county township a galaxy neolithic site unearthed, visible clue: adult male just as strong as the modern people, hunting, such as cattle, pigs, deer, bear, wild animals, make have phoenix birds, the sun, he is very complex decorative pottery & hellip; & hellip;

in November 2011, the provincial institute of cultural relics and archaeology of chenzhou Wen Wuchu thousands ping sites for the archaeological excavations. Experts believe that this has the typical characteristics of settlement sites, cultural relics unearthed from dongting lake, which is high temple culture with strong marks, and lingnan area in the middle reach of Yangtze river provides evidence of prehistoric culture communication. Recently, the reporter interviewed relevant archaeological experts to chenzhou.

& other; Throughout thousands of ping people &; Ceramic art is extremely delicate

province institute of cultural relics, explore the manager Yin shun, thousands of ping sites around 6000 years ago, the site of a total of 6 layers, the third layer for the remains of shang dynasty, the first four to six floors to neolithic remains, is thousands of ping site subject neolithic relic. Excavation of the communist party of China found 8 from site, 44, ash and burial 54.

at the end of April, the reporter comes to chenzhou Wen Wuchu relics repair room, several workers are repairing the unearthed pottery, spacious is put on the floor with the many pottery. Expert introduction, in the neolithic cultural sites, found more than 30 cm thick accumulation of pottery. Tens of thousands of red pottery, white pottery, the table are decorated, and exquisitely patterned, score, grate points, a seal is its main adornment style, phoenix birds, the sun, his presence and other complex geometric patterns, a stunning, amazing craftsmanship with prehistoric humans.

in addition, also unearthed a large number of stone tools and bones, the province cultural relic institute of archaeology researcher Yuan Gurong field observation, people hunt animals mainly larger wild animals, including cattle, pigs, deer, bear, etc. 5 neolithic burials, with more than 6000 years is still intact, one skeleton in the southern region is rare. Among them, the adult male skeleton with modern general size.

& other; We also found the rice husk in pottery, but found no rice. Throughout the &; Ruins of Yin shun said, reveal the room address, ash pits, tombs, trenches, has the basic features of mature communities, a large number of pottery found that say more developed farming culture, then and there have been accompanied by a certain number of population size.

found another important channel for the spread of white pottery

thousand ping sites located in the xiangjiang river upstream tributaries pounded by ling jiang, pleasing to the eye, at Yin ruins of the geographical position is extremely important, is connected to the pearl river and the Yangtze river water system. Thousands of ping site archaeological work, not only can fill the blank of the xiangjiang river upstream of prehistoric culture, but also may find the Yangtze river and the pearl river basin another important channel of prehistoric culture communication, and then find the nanling north and south region cultural exchange new breakthrough.

white pottery is the symbol of the neolithic period of hunan culture, is also a long-term focus on the important topic of academic circles. Archaeology basic thought, white pottery originated in prehistoric times created paints in hunan, as is the dongting lake area or high temple ruins, which is currently still inconclusive, both discovered the seventy-eight thousand – year – old white pottery.

Yin shun told reporters, white pottery unearthed thousands of ping site, quantity is numerous, ornamentation, elaborate as high temple ruins, suggests that the xiangjiang river basin is one of the important ways to spread white pottery south. & other; From found in xiangjiang river basin in recent years a group of white pottery unearthed relics, a comprehensive analysis of the basic can be concluded that hunan prehistoric white pottery spread to the south, remaining in addition to the yuan river, the xiangjiang river is an important way is not in dispute. Throughout the &;