Exposure: literature Yang jiang, a 101 – year – old script writing is full of vitality

& have spent 17, born on July 17, 1911, qian zhongshu lady Yang jiang celebrates its 101 – year – old birthday. On the same day, tens of thousands of netizens have on weibo for Yang Jiangfa birthday wishes, wish her body health. In addition, Yang Jiangceng on June 10, write a calligraphy exposure on the web, read & other; Congratulations on your eighty anniversary of the founding of sanlian bookstore & throughout; , though short, but full of vitality, by netizens as & other; This letter is not old & throughout; . Originally, Yang jiang and sanlian origins, before her book is published by sanlian we sa and, in 2008, Yang jiang and authorization sanlian has published her only an autobiography book listen to Yang jiang to talk about the past, also mark the tenth anniversary of qian zhongshu, died on the book.

in addition to the general reader, the social from all walks of life and famous scholars in different forms to express wishes to Yang jiang’s birthday, the daughter of ZhangBoJun, among chapter and also in the microblog posted the English poet, Yang jiang translation w & middot; Rand masterpiece “I and who are true” : & other; I and who are true, and who compete I despise; I love the nature, the second is art; My hands are baked with the fire of life; Fire away, I’m ready to go. Throughout the &; This again deep resonance in the readers. In addition, Yang jiang attended tsinghua university yesterday also sent representatives to ms Yang jiang home for his birthday.