Exposure tianshuo zang prison life: arts and crafts to learn calligraphy is very low profile (FIG.)

tianshuo zang

it is reported that on December 19, Beijing care about teenagers education association invited well-known painter-calligrapher in this city, came to the prison in Beijing, with sympathy policemen, juvenile delinquents inmates, professor at the scene painting inmates to write with. Will at the same time, the prison as part of the excellent calligraphy and painting works on display in the hall. Reporter in the interview found that jailed after & other; Celebrity & throughout; Are very keen on calligraphy painting, huang, cao wenzhuang, tianshuo zang calligraphy works are on display. The haidian district Zhou Liangluo although there is no work, but also a day to practice calligraphy.

it is known that Beijing municipal prison since 2008 has organized & other; Inmates calligraphy painting interest group & throughout; At present there are 50 inmates, calligraphy class, painting class there are 30 prisoners.

singer tianshuo zang prison also dry & other; Art work & throughout;

in calligraphy paintings on display, the reporter sees, not only is a former singer tianshuo zang calligraphy, and paintings, huang guangyu, former chairman of gome exhibited even the drug registration division of China’s state food and drug administration, the former secretary cao’s calligraphy. According to introducing, tianshuo zang since last year in jail began to learn calligraphy, after the Spring Festival this year, he signed up for and allowed to enter & other; Inmates throughout calligraphy & computer classes; . In interest in the class, he a & other; Never took the writing brush, even written YingBiZi’s & throughout; , up to now, can complete the whole picture. The reporter sees, tianshuo zang is a word, the works of this exhibition is prison reformation & other; Abstract & throughout; : & other; A concerted effort to secure and maintain stability and promote harmony. Throughout the &; In addition, he still has a few pieces of craft to be included in the exhibition. A is his indie crafts & other A mother & throughout; , another is entitled & other; Positive transformation, reshape the life & throughout; Arts and crafts. A serving staff, told reporters with tianshuo zang tianshuo zang performance at ordinary times very low-key, he always practice calligraphy and painting, won many awards in the prison.