Fairy king zheng yuanjie: don’t look at other literary works Imagination by life

the graph is zheng yuanjie

zheng yuanjie, writer, philanthropist, speaker. The ministry of civil affairs & other; Model for the China charity award & throughout; The winner. A person to write a world record holder issue of 25 years. Cpaing hall of teachers. The 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots selection committee. In 2009 to $20 million in royalties, topped 2009 Chinese writers rich throne.


a military family was born in 1955 in hebei province. His father, originally from shanxi fushan. The parent of origin of shaoxing in zhejiang province. My grandfather and my grandfather is a doctor. Grew up in Beijing. 1978 in your native language writing as a way to earn a living. Was founded in 1985 so far the only writer “fairy king” semimonthly, total amount of more than billion founded 25 years. His works up to twenty million words. Cpaing, cc, rock, shaping the image of the Monday and beta is his pen. “Cpaing general mobilization” (made up of 70 books) is zheng yuanjie series, now in the market sales is the general administration of press and publication to the recommended books to children in the country. Bookstore has counters sales across the country. In 2006, has sold 17 million copies.

the first Beijing ten outstanding youth. Zheng yuanjie to create more than 200 jobs for others. Zheng yuanjie writing fairy tales 31 years, the work has sold 150 million copies. In 2008, issued by the United Nations to zheng yuanjie & other; International copyright creative gold & throughout; Zheng yuanjie become Chinese writer first person to receive the honour. The wenchuan earthquake in 2008, zheng yuanjie become to the earthquake disaster area donation of Chinese writers, most donations totaling 380000 yuan. In April 2010, zheng yuanjie to qinghai yushu earthquake disaster area donation of 1 million yuan, the new campus for post-disaster reconstruction elementary school. On December 5, 2008, Chinese President hu jintao to zheng yuanjie issued & other; Model for the China charity award & throughout; . On July 26, 2008, the China youth development foundation to the hope project issued by zheng yuanjie & other; Special award & throughout; . On December 28, 2009, issued by the Chinese Red Cross foundation to zheng yuanjie & other; Love contribution & throughout; .

began in 2007, zheng yuanjie and Zheng Yaqi & other; Cpaing throughout Chinese general mobilization plan &; By zheng yuanjie cpaing hall in Beijing and throughout the country schools (including rural schools in poverty-stricken areas), professor young children to write good articles in Chinese. Carrying forward the culture of mother tongue, defending dignity in Chinese. & have spent

never watch other literature

zheng yuanjie to yourself & other; Chinese writer income throughout the first &; Not surprised, & other; Over the past few years, sales of the fastest growing in the bookstore is the children’s literature, may be the children grow up, want to find some light reading to read more. Throughout the &; In China, in addition to zheng yuanjie, does not appear to have second children’s literature writers in their works and the works of “harry potter” or Disney.

when asked about zheng yuanjie ideas about the present situation of Chinese children’s literature, he said, first of all, he never reading other literature; Second, he never and other writers. & other; Himself before he started to write, I like to watch “Don Quixote” such works, it may also has influenced the creation of the later to me. But after more than twenty years ago I started his creation, I will no longer see, because I don’t want to be influenced by other writers, don’t want to take someone else’s shadow in his work. Throughout the &; Zheng yuanjie said. Since the 1980 s after attending a writer seminar, zheng yuanjie can no longer participate in similar activities, & other; That time I think they said that literary thing I really don’t understand. Throughout the &; Zheng yuanjie said humorously.

imagination to life keep

in adult fans, a lot of zheng yuanjie remained young seems to be a thing that can only dream of, growth experience of time and will take away the curiosity of people and the heart of the tong zhen. & other; You must keep your childlike innocence. Throughout the &; Zheng yuanjie said. In more than 20 years of writing career, his imagination and childlike innocence seems never dried up. & other; I want to keep my imagination. In life such as gas and vehicle examination of things I all to do myself, not to find someone else to replace, because I have to contact the real life. I have a lot of friends from all walks of life, because my grandpa used to be a famous doctor, so I like to make friends with doctors. I observe life from these friends. Throughout the &;

& have spent

as the growth of the age, zheng yuanjie write more and more adult fiction, less specialized instead of fairy tales, perhaps this is a sign of his progress. Eat a designed by children’s literature writer cannot have a wider readership, write out the profound, successful adult social novels is living, immortal method.

zheng yuanjie, said he didn’t have the exact thought he was in the literary world of positioning, & other; Generally people like conformity, and so you see me as a writer of fairy tales & throughout; Zheng yuanjie said, & other; Children’s literature writer in the literary world less status, if it weren’t for you to sell the book income can more than them, few people pay attention to you. I always is to enjoy, as to the literary positioning problem I never to think about it. Throughout the &;

in recent years, zheng yuanjie from old hermit life, wto accumulation of writing again, especially when the guest. His humorous style, quick response and precise point of view, and bring social image of a new writer.