Fairy tale was first used to frighten children were sleeping beauty father raped

& other; Children, let’s turn off the lights, dad is going to tell you the story of a few terrible & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This is his book alternative history of the western civilization, the author introduces the fairy tale is born the prologue.

about modern fairy tale, always feel warmth affectionately. In fact, terrible, threatening girl child, alert & ndash; & ndash; This is the fairy tale of the birth of the original, with modern people’s view, it should be & other; Black fairy tale & throughout; .

at the beginning of a fairy tale is black fairy tale

almost all modern fairy tale story is happy ending, there is a & other; Happyending” . Starting from the date of birth, but the fairy tales are full of twists and turns of the plot and the end of the dark. The old fairy tale, have passed 2500 years of history, such as & other; Cinderella & throughout; The earliest can be traced back to ancient Egypt, after more than 700 adaptation, & other; Cinderella & throughout; Finally became now felt no bloody way, even with some tenderness.

the first fairy tales in the world thanks to two people, is not what we often say that the brothers Grimm, but rather a italians and French. The first is an Italian, named Qiao M batista & middot; Basil, he wrote a book named stories, with around the Sicilian dialect into 50 story, published in 1636. The book is called “talk about five days. Another Frenchman Charles & middot; Perot was a story book, published in 1697, there were eight little story. Surprisingly, among them 7 has become a classic story: & other; Cinderella & throughout; , & other Little red riding hood & throughout; , & other Blue beard & throughout; , & other Wear boots cat & throughout; , & other Sleeping beauty & throughout; , & other Diamond and the frog & throughout; And & other Thumb & throughout; . The plot of these stories are full of blood, especially & other; Blue beard & throughout; , it is full of bloody, violence, and distrust.

but in later centuries, the plot of these story and the ending was burnt. According to the author of alternative history of western civilization, and this is because all editors of fairy tales always is literally change the story, in their view, all is for the children to do so.

we now often hear in children’s stories of the disc & other Throughout the three cubs &; Story, has experienced all kinds of adaptation. When this story first appeared in order to alert those who are not good children, and in the earliest versions of the story, the blonde girl is actually a grumble, the homeless woman. After nearly 100 years of time, she & lsquo; Change & rsquo; A blonde became a day of the thief. British poet laureate Robert & middot; Scale in 1837 published his own version of the moral victory, because like stealing the woman was caught. Last version published more than 10 years later, a woman who’s edit the story changed to silver hair girl, because he thinks, all kinds of stories are too many ugly old woman’s image. Silver girl in 1918, has now become a blonde thief, because editors believe that should scare the little girls, tell them not to literally to the stranger’s room. In this way, specially scare little girl fairy tales produced from now on.

the same story and & other; Little red riding hood & throughout; . In 1697, Charles & middot; Perot’s version, is also about a naive beautiful girl be cheated the story of the Wolf, the hunter will not come back to the belly cut open the Wolf, the little red riding hood and grandma saved from the Wolf’s stomach, little red riding hood was just bad luck to eat, and the Wolf ran away. Perot stated his views at the end of the story: & other; People often see, some kids & ndash; & ndash; Especially some face was very beautiful, the figure is very good-looking girl & ndash; & ndash; They always carelessly, who said they believed. Throughout the &; He also said: & other; One of the most dangerous Wolf, is that kind of gentle, gentle romantic and look lovely Wolf & hellip; & hellip; The Wolf like ms reception in the home, also like to say hello to the girl in the street. Throughout the &;

as for & other; Blue beard & throughout; , it became the Grimm’s fairy tales in has been a lot of people bashing the bloody and sex scenes, especially & other; Blue beard & throughout; Dungeon, and the bodies of many closed his ex-wife, notting have is not bloody, the description in the book, even in today will be classified as restricted. & other; Blue beard & throughout; And can eventually be adapted into a fairy tale, is really let a person it is hard to imagine.

fairy tale means of national awakening

in fact, the rise of the fairy tale is often a symbol of national awakening. The so-called real fairy tale, is often in a civilized society phenomenon. And that is why many people in the research of children’s literature, called fairy tale is the most important reason to nourish all mankind spiritual growth.

the reason from the beginning of the fairy tale is & other; Black fairy tale & throughout; Because in the middle ages in Europe, the children and no special treatment, but as a grownup. Because of poor living conditions, children see a lot of drunken antics at an early age, loafer, fighting and so on, they saw their mother blood-stained hands, in the kitchen, take dirty slitting open belly, skinning, the use of animals in a delicious meal. In China, the same is true, in the traditional society, children are ignored, even adults believe that children are too like a child is not a good boy.

at Shanghai normal university Chinese department professor ZhanDan said in an interview, in traditional Chinese society, is the highest evaluation of children & other Young age & throughout; . The west-wing book written by children, every success, good children, like adults. And the default with adults thought and the maturity of the child that is worth writing. The so-called & other; Childishness & throughout; Is also a derogatory term & ndash; & ndash; Referred to in the han dynasty works & other; Childishness & throughout; Refers to the people & other; Of the adult intelligence, there is the heart of the children & throughout; .

under such circumstance, can’t show children’s literary works. Like the thousands of poems is selected from the works of adult seemingly works collection for children. In Europe, there is no fairy tale for children to see, most of them are folk stories.

Hereafter, he

until Andersen, specialized writers came into being in a fairy tale, but not all, such as Hans Christian Andersen’s the big Klaus and small Klaus is a folk tale, and the ugly duckling can called literati fairy tale. Later, more and more the writer literati fairy tale, but early is dark black fairy tales, such as Oscar Wilde, is generally regarded as one of the pioneers of literary fairy tales, he created a variety of fairy tale is very dark. POE also wrote all sorts of fairy tale, but also a dark plot, even no light at the end of the. Most of the time, specially designed for children’s work, also is not so warm, from the cultural interpretation of such as mark & middot; Twain wrote “huck & middot; pele adventures Hemingway called & other; America’s greatest novel & throughout; , is the first written in American English, which add a lot of black dialect. The whole novel while moving, but not so much warmth of human nature, until, after being adapted for film and animation series to be affectionate. In the western world, the true & other; Positive energy & throughout; Warm fairy tale didn’t appear until the second industrial revolution of the last century.

in fact, the growth of a nation and confirm the status of children has much to do. Because they don’t put the children to distinguish, cannot distinguish the adults. In China, even & other; The fairy tale & throughout; The word, but also & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; That only appeared well after & ndash; & ndash; Is transliterated from Japanese, & other The May 4th movement & throughout; Period of free spirit pursuit for children. Many writers in China of the period for children’s literature creation, such as “life is a moment, is the children’s perspective of the world to write essays. Including MAO dun also adapted a fairy tale. Until that time, China appeared in the true sense of children’s literature.