Fake “tengger” wedding sing song rotten shanzhai stars difficult to trace

recently, a singer & other; Throughout the tengger &; Present at the wedding video online exposure, due to underdeveloped ability, fans are questioning the person’s identity. Finally the tengger side staff to identify the & other; Throughout the tengger &; Is a fake, so be impersonate the star of the show a lot lately.

imposter fool fans

in this period of video, wedding emcee, guests said that the bride and groom on the big star is the tengger, please. Hear the guest immediately excited, a lot of people stood up from his seat, at this moment & other Throughout the tengger &; Singing from the doorway into the venue, long curly hair and moustache, head, squinting when singing, look very much like the tengger from the appearance. See guests in high spirits, & other; Throughout the tengger &; Also shook hands and all guests, bodyguards escort carefully behind him, a pair of big style. A song sung, MC came near, and spake, left 1 & other; Throughout the tengger &; , right & other; Teng teacher & throughout; , who is not only the default, but also said he just got back from activities in Beijing, & other; Very hard & throughout; . Then he sang a “paradise”, finally the bride and groom forward with & other; Throughout the tengger &; Shake hands, took a group photo.

video circulated on the Internet, many fans to find out a flaw, that the & other Throughout the tengger &; Singing sound implausible, but what is more angry is the man also insisted & other; Is the tengger & throughout; . The tengger assistant Feng Ze fulminated on weibo, & other; The elder brothers you can imitate him, but he don’t say you are, you sing too much times! Throughout the &; False tengger attended the banquet that things haven’t settle, new situation happened again. Feng Ze said he got a call from the shenzhen friend, said teng brother to come to shenzhen in recent days, he can only rumours, & other; We travel in nearly 2 months without the arrangement of the shenzhen! Is false? Throughout the &; But Feng Ze said couldn’t be reached to the person because it is over, temporarily can only be the case.

realistic-looking not

a phoney star is not a few, the star signs, but please hold artists show case occurred frequently recently. Recently, DJ orange is subjected to such problems, in anqing, shangrao, have the so-called & other; DJ orange song fans & throughout; . Shangrao a pub in its microblog & other; DJ orange (an imitator) shangrao song fans & throughout; The activities of the content. A net friend ask & other; Is it a ticket & throughout; , the host has decisively response: & other; Yes, DJ orange. Throughout the &; Finally proved that the DJ orange and not the trip. DJ orange company’s recording engineer Hu Enli explains: & other; The store of the so-called & lsquo; The an imitator’ , be imitators. Why not play DJ orange imitator brand? Throughout the &; DJ orange is on his personal microblog remind fans: & other; After China, will be the DJ orange microblogging, microblogging and DJ orange Chinese microblogging, best attention so as to avoid fraud. Throughout the &;

line into the easy development difficult

actually, shanzhai celebrities is not a new term, with the similar appearance with big-name star into the line, is undoubtedly a shortcut, can cause some attention quickly. But because of the limitation of the image and imitating, the shadow of the subsequent development of shanzhai celebrities generally is not easy. The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, some fake singer because long-term imitation, big star power, but the mentality is very expansion, everywhere take yourself when the big shots, without regard to increase its own strength. If only with good imitation, and the smile in a reasonable scope, most artists will not dispute. But if an impostor, this is more than a tort is also suspected of fraud.

fake bottom line?

when impersonators turned out to be fake cheat money, and damage to the image of the artist and interests. After also have shanzhai Nicholas tse in opening a company in the name of Nicholas tse, Nicholas tse agent mani when he said: & other; Our company is absolutely not allow someone to imitate the company artists, caused by the artist image have an effect to our company and any loss, our company will reserve the right to legal accountability. Throughout the &;

in fact, sometimes it’s not easy to pursue these pseudonymous performers. DJ orange belongs to wang junwork is ecru company tells a reporter, a imitate DJ orange singers often pretend to be DJ orange performance or song fans, even the fans of record on the name of the DJ orange. Although have been collecting the other impersonate show evidence, but it’s not easy to take legal action: & other; His performance in the name of the poster to play DJ orange, but the small print at the bottom of the poster or write in English & lsquo; Imitators & rsquo; , using the side-door fans negligence, it is difficult to pursue. Throughout the &;

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