Famous musicians Yao Qian dialogue: couldn’t write the music will cry

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in more than 20 years, he has trained a lot of artists, including pole, elva hsiao, wintenberger e, Rene liu, etc. Now his classic songs, including “appearance”, “perhaps love”, “taste” and so on, more than 600 pieces, he is to & other The most understand women & throughout; Is famous in Chinese music Yao Qian Taiwan famous musicians, poets. Recently Yao Qian first heart motivational essays simplified Chinese version, the publication of I’d like to book Yao Qian narrative a loiter on both sides of the musicians, the feeling of life, to realize love song & outside of the other; I am willing to & throughout; . Yesterday, the reporter interviewed by the publishers to Yao Qian, understand the real moment in his music career.

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reporter: you like your song, call you & other; The most understand women & throughout; This & other Understand & throughout; Come from?

Yao Qian: I have a lot of chance to work with female singer, it’s my pleasure, I often quietly listen to what they are talking about, actually above the description of the feelings, women are more brave than men, are more willing to communicate, they said that the story is some good stuff. For example like “taste”, this song & lsquo; I miss your kiss and fingers the faint smell of tobacco & rsquo; , when I was a cold, no smell, appetite also is bad, everything is very bad, but have to write songs, then think about the story of a female friend, she said against her old boyfriend to smoke, but after break up like most is his cigarette smoke.

write lyrics when I was crying

reporter: songwriting is different from writing a book?

Yao Qian: I don’t think creative work, whether it is art or art or music, actually writing often feel like you’re eating as the physiological state of the naturally go to the toilet. But writing a book is a great event, the steps of the purest highest culture, thought, to write a book, so until now I return meng it to publish it.

reporter: created so much music, writing not to come out?

Yao Qian: yes, but I have some methods, a little shy, I this method is to cry, I used to work pressure big, can’t write out really cried. But that was before, then know how to deal with others, make up a reason to say, I can write better, give me one day. I recently of the most common way is to go to the art museum and gallery, jumping out of the scene is the best way; In addition, I think walking is also clean up his thought a good method, clean up, and then arouse their emotions.

music in the music industry also died

reporter: do you have for the recording industry in the new book “I am willing to comment, think & other; The recording industry will die & throughout; ?

Yao Qian: yes, these years my biggest feeling is record is dead but the music was still alive. Ago, the rich or the emperor, some musicians, open for everyone to enjoy, and record is later in the development of new technology, is a merchant put this model in the introduction to the music. But I’ve been thinking, I really believe that this Shared culture, that is to say I have no money but I like your music, I think it is possible, so with this topic called music is still there, the music industry is dead.